The one reason why we should all love science

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  1. What is the contradicting evidence with Christianity? Many of us find science positive and interesting and not conflicting with our world views.

  2. Well, how about the fact that a persons religion is strongly correlated to where they grew up. You would think God would not have trouble reaching people based on region. What about the fact that there are other religions in the world that contradict your based on their book of faith, why is their evidence worth any less than yours? How about the world is not the center of the universe and the world is not flat. Slavery is wrong, women should have equal rights, and evolution has mountains of evidence. All of these things were or are ignored under the auspices of Christianity.

    • You need more faith to believe that ‘nothing made everything by a so-called ‘Big bang.’ Some of the galaxies are revolving the wrong way for a Big Bang.
      How could ‘chance’ make the highly complicated Communication system like that of the Human DNA. There is not simply some code there in our genes but the ability to read it and replicate it.

      The Human eye has so many complicated parts and proteins etc, that if one was missing then it would not work. It must have been created in situe and not evolved.

  3. Babaakennet, I enjoy how you use scientific information to call into question scientific theories, this is how the scientific process is designed. You are correct, there quite a few things about our universe that we do not understand, and the spin of certain galaxies is one of them. This does not invalidate the Big Bang theory though, it simply means that we do not have it quite right.

    The part where you need faith to believe in the big bang as a possibility is false. Faith is belief without evidence and a refusal to incorporate new evidence when it is presented. The Big Bang theory is supported by evidence from what we know about the universe and what is has done since we started watching it. I will use an oversimplified and not entirely accurate analogy to try and enlighten you as to how this as evidence.

    If you are standing near a building and you see a ball fly out from the side of the building you aree able to determine it’s velocity. With our knowledge of gravity, friction, and velocity, we can determine what the path of the ball was before it came into our view, which is why you don’t think God popped the ball into existence at the edge of the wall.
    The evidence for the big bang works much the same way. We can see that the universe seems to be spreading out in every direction, much like spilled water. Taking this knowledge and playing out the universe in reverse we are able to see that everything comes together to a single incredibly dense and energized point. This is not faith, if evidence is presented that disproves this theory it will be reworked. Your example of the spin of galaxies is a good one because we do not know how they formed that way, especially since it runs contrary to what we know about how universes form. This does not invalidate the theory, it is another piece of evidence we need to take into account when trying to discover how the universe was created. Science is not ignoring this evidence, it is using it to help find the answer.

    Your other examples simply state that something in nature is complicated. We have discovered this complexity through science, no holy scripture detailed the eye or genetics to the degree that science has. What evidence do you have that simply because something is complicated it had to be divinely created? I understand that it is incredible that such complexity was naturally created, it is hard to believe. This is why great claims require great evidence, evidence which we have that supports the theory of evolution and a big bang.
    You have your faith, how you feel, your leaders instructing you on how to think and behave, and a single book that represents all the evidence that you have for your belief. Sadly, the greatest claim of a divine creator being responsible for the creation of the eye or genetics has none of the great evidence required for such a belief.

  4. perhaps…God created the universe using discernible physical applications like the “Big Bang” .. there has to be an answer that is full truth – hence a REAL ANSWER.
    The PARTIAL answer of science is only that:
    part of the story.

  5. Molly, that is certainly a good point. Science does not yet have all the answers and it is only speculation that it will ultimately provide them.

    There is nothing wrong with searching for spiritual answers. The problem occurs when some person or organization claims divine knowledge without evidence, declares that all other spiritual knowledge is false, and creates a set of rules to follow based solely on this authority.

    Why would we base our spirituality and morality solely on a set of stories thousands of years old? These stories were retold time and time again before they were placed on paper only to then be translated and edited by kings and peasants. This does not mean we should throw the texts away, they should still be cherished as valuable knowledge about ourselves and morality.

    Often people defending holy textures claim that it was written through the eyes of that time and therefore should be viewed through the context of that time for its meaning and purpose. Why are we forcing ourselves to live in a way that was designed for the past? Why is it suddenly wrong to make the text adjust to the present? Imagine if we treated medicine the same way, what a different world it would be.

    We need to be free to search for God, not constrained by past scripture that has been used to control a population. Our current spiritual leaders have failed us, demonstrating clearly their corruption. We need to stop being blinded by “holy” scripture in order to truly find the real answer, otherwise we will just be fumbling in the dark.

    • Have you read those “stories”? Have you read the whole book? I think you should know something before speaking your conjectures about it.

      I believe evidence should always be considered, not ignored, as I have found it actually confirms my faith. I’m not talking about blindly following spiritual leaders (humans who make mistakes as you and me) or adjusting your behavior or beliefs to what an institution has dictated, but to the Bible.

      • Qh, have you read the Qur’an? Have you read Zeus’ scripture? What about Native Americans spiritual beliefs? What specifically is the bible more valid than these? Why is the bible interpreted differently by Protestants, Epistopalians, Catholics, etc? Why are there additional chapters for Mormons but not for the Jewish? How can you choose just this one book for all of your morality? It is certainly convenient to have a little book with all the answers to life and how to behave.

        I have read the bible. I have read the good things in it and the bad. Have you read the bible? Have you read about Gods penchant for wiping out people? Have you read about God testing a mans faith by ordering him to murder his son? Have you read about Gods approval of slavery?

        How do you reconcile these passages with the good things you take from it?

        • to add: bible approves of rape, the uncleanliness of a woman after she has a female child is much worse than the uncleanliness of a woman after she has a male child, that women need to have their heads covered, and misogyny but disapproves my cotton/polyester pants, my sideburns and my tattoos.

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