Thanks to Boris Johnson’s latest idiocy this 2016 letter to the Guardian is going viral

You don’t have to be a genius to know that Boris Johnson only ever opens his mouth to put his foot in it or to further his career. This week he’s attempted both by wittering on about burqa wearing because when the UK is on the very cusp of national self-destruction, opinionating on what people wear is crucial. Dog-whistling to Tory racists is hardly a new Johnson tactic, although it should come as no surprise to discover Johnson’s latest blathering, published in Telegraph, comes after him meeting America’s favourite neo-fascist ex-presidential puppet master, Steve Bannon. Thankfully in answer to this nonsense, a letter by one Henry Stewart, written to the Guardian a couple of years ago about the same silly subject is currently going viral.

Here’s what Henry wrote.

The Conservative Party will now be investigating Johnson – although what’s to investigate when he’s published his racist remarks about Muslim women in a national newspaper remains unclear. While we wait for the inevitable slap on the wrist people have been sharing Henry letter.

Even the man himself has is resharing his letter with the world. Abd we’re very happy that he is.

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  1. Boris is living with the delusion that women should dress to conform to his view of the world. Is that what an etonian education teaches?

  2. Takes a big man to make such comments and then toddle off on holiday, making yourself uncontactable. Not spineless in any way

  3. This is so funny, but when I stopped to think about it, it’s great satire. We live in a country where we often judge a large group, by the actions of a tiny minority. Immigrants, disabled, religious groups, football fans, teenagers, the list goes on and on. Why not men in suits. Is it so much more ridiculous. They have caused a great deal of harm and suffering.

  4. Johnson’s comment about niqabs were like playground bullying taunts, “You look like a letter-box, nah-nah-na-nah-nah”.

  5. Lord Cooper said: “The rottenness of Boris Johnson goes deeper even than his casual racism and his equally casual courting of fascism. He will advocate literally anything to play to the crowd of the moment. His career is a saga of moral emptiness and lies; pathetic, weak and needy; the opposite of strong.”

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