No sunburn: 12 upsides of terrible Finnish summer weather

Eastern Pasila, Helsinki in grey June weather, 2014

Here in Finland, summer is highly anticipated as a time for restoring sanity after months and months of bleak, terrible fall, winter and no spring to speak of. However, the weather of June, July and August just doesn’t always add up to what one would expect of a great summer.

Luckily, there are upsides to everything. In theory, at least. Let’s explore some of the, well, arguably sunny side of bad Finnish summers.


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15 pictures that tell you all you need to know about Finnish summer

Finnish summer is a thing of wonder. It often arrives late and regularly leaves early, yet in a nation with some of the most extreme temperature differences on the planet everyone tries to enjoy it to the max. However, that’s sometimes easier said than done. To understand why, check out these images, which celebrate the wild and wacky nature of Suomi summer in all its unpredictable glory.

Finnish summer 2


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5 ways Finnish summer cottage life turns you into a hippie


When Finland is spoiled with beautiful, hot summer days you can guarantee that most Finns do what they love best. They head to the forest and their summer cottages. According to Statistics Finland, there are close to half a million official summer cottages of about 40 square metres or less. Once you include larger leisure homes the figure likely doubles or triples. However, enjoying “mökkielämä” or cottage life comes with certain risks, (or advantages depending upon your point of view). One of these is that it turns everyone into a hippie. Here’s how.

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