The most burning social media reactions to the Trump election victory are savage

This is Fine meme from Gunshow comic


Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America.

President Donald Trump

The next Leader of the Free World

During his entire campaign this election season, Mr Trump unraveled and gave voters plenty of advance notice of the inner landscape of his grotesque orange appearance serial rapist manchild. Trump broadcasts the hallmarks of deep insecurities and psychiatric pathologies, which would weed him out of important, non-elected positions in government. Yet, he won the 2016 US presidential race on the collegial vote.

Not only that, Trump built his success on an openly extreme-right platform of unmoderated bigotry and sexism, while boasting about his exploitative business career. The next US president is a racist demagogue, who knows how to blow all the dogwhistles, to reach into the racial paranoia of rural America, a slipping middle class and petty, suburban bourgeoisie. He aims to isolate the United States, roll back the clock on civil rights, women’s reproductive rights, minority issues and political attempts to address climate change.

Needless to say, the at best mediocre Obama presidency is likely to look stunningly gorgeous compared to what’s in store for the US or the rest of the world. It’s alright to be angry at both Trump himself and the drooling senility of the Democratic National Congress that failed to read the wider anti-elite sentiment of a Western populist movement.

So, we’ve collected some of the best commentary to be found on social media before, during the day after the election. Please share any other great stuff you’ve found in the comments below.

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The 10 best documentaries for challenging your view of the world

Waltz with Bashir

Early movies (pre-1900) were dominated by the novelty of showing an event. They were single-shot moments captured on film: a train entering a station, a boat docking, or factory workers leaving work. These short films were called “actuality” films; the term “documentary” was not coined until 1926. Many of the first films, such as those made by Auguste and Louis Lumière, were a minute or less in length, due to technological limitations.

Documentaries aren’t always seen as being super exciting compared to whatever new drama or action you could binge watch on Netflix. But the medium certainly provides opportunities to learn something about the world. Without lifting a finger.

Here are ten of the best documentaries that are not only excellent, but challenging to watch at times. Many of these will leave you thinking about the obsessive hobbies, consumption-oriented everyday living and sometimes terrifying politics that define our increasingly global world. Are you ready to change how you view the world?

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21 female political leaders you need to know about: Part two


If you tuned into Part One of our round-up of women in politics, you’ll have seen us highlight the fact that although it’s been sixty-one years since the UN Convention on the Political Rights of Women, came into effect, it remains the case that only 21.9% of national parliamentarians worldwide right now are female. Sure, it’s a vast improvement on figures in the very recent past, but it’s still less than half of what we need to be seeing. All the same, some countries are doing better than others – here’s the second half of our list of current (2015) female heads of state:

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21 female political leaders you need to know about: Part one


A roll-call of the political elite in the past fifty years is a pretty depressing document for anyone who’s got even a passing interest in gender equality: although it’s been sixty-one years since the UN Convention on the Political Rights of Women, the first international legislation protecting the equal status of women to exercise political rights – to vote and to hold office – came into effect, and although, as of 2015, the Convention has 123 state parties (including Palestine), the political landscape is still almost entirely male-dominated. In fact, only 21.9% of national parliamentarians worldwide right now are female. Let’s take a look at which states have female leaders right now.

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Folk of Genius: The 5 unusual habits of Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway facts1

Hey, we’re all creative, right? But what differentiates my papier-mâché Halloween masks or your colourfully crocheted undergarments from the Nobel Prize-winning artworks of somebody like, say, Ernest Hemingway? Well, maybe Ernest was just a little stranger than you or me. New studies show that both creativity and eccentricity may be the result of genetic variations that increase the brain’s ability to filter out useless distractions and just get on with it. Well, Papa certainly got on with it – but just how peculiar was he?

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5 literary movements that shook the world

It’s not just wars and prime ministers that can change the world. The literary world may seem quiet and remote, sometimes, boxed away in libraries, its practitioners muttering to themselves in tiny box rooms-slash-studies and corners of the public library, but words have power, and their cumulative effect can rattle the world—culturally, politically and philosophically. What literary movements, then, have changed the very way we think? Here’s five to start with:

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