16 David Bowie quotes that show why he was such a legend


Everybody has a David Bowie tune they love and we’re no different. Somehow Bowie was one of those musicians you expected to live forever. Maybe it was his music or maybe his magic. One thing that’s in no doubt though was that he was an extraordinary artist in every sense of the word. As a celebration of his life and his wonderful way of thinking, we’ve put together a showcase of some of his wisest quotes. Each one shows why he was such a legend and why he’ll be so sorely missed, but never forgotten.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

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jim morrison quote

13 Jim Morrison quotes that will make you look at life differently

morrison quotes

Jim Morrison is without a doubt one of music’s most enduring stars. Poet, rock god and controversial bad boy, he was also a man who in his 27 short years philosophized greatly on life, love and the universe. Surprisingly, at the beginning of his career, he was an incredibly reserved stage performer who often sang with his back to the crowd. Yet by the end so powerful were his performances that more than once they led to riots. This passion can be seen in his lyrics, his poetry and his musings. To celebrate that lust for life, here are 13 Jim Morrison quotes that’ll make you look at your own life differently.

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13 shower thoughts that’ll change how you look at the world forever

showerthoughts 11

We’ve all been there. Soaping ourselves up in the shower, humming a happy tune, when bang we’re hit by some insight so profound that, for a second, our world is turned upside down. Happily, Reddit provides a fantastic place, r/ShowerThoughts for splish-splash philosophers to hang out and share their wisdom. And if you’re not a Redditor, you can always enjoy the pick of the bunch on the ShowerThoughts Twitter feed. To give you a taster, we’ve picked some of our best shower thoughts. Every one of these genius light bulb moments wowed us and made us remember that showers are 10% hygiene, 90% pondering the universe.

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10 Leonard Nimoy thoughts on life that’ll make you love him even more


Despite being most well known for playing Mr. Spock, one of science fiction’s most beloved characters, Leonard Nimoy was also an accomplished writer, photographer, and musician. Yet it was as the Starship Enterprise’s logical and unemotional science officer that he made his biggest mark on the world. In this iconic role, he inspired people to become scientists, artists, and astronauts but most all to be themselves. And for that we thank you. So, to celebrate his long and prosperous career, it’s only fitting to share both his thoughts on life and on Spock.

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7 TV sci-fi villains we’d love to see back on our screens

Heroes are pointless without a proper villain to challenge them, serve as the foil, and most importantly – drop some of the most quotable lines of all time. A truly exceptional villain can take a mediocre science fiction television series to new levels, or make an already great series even more memorable. From uncomfortably relatable to full-on madness, villains are usually far more interesting than the goody-two shoes heroes that they love to torture. Let’s take a look at seven sci-fi villains that we’d love to see back on our screens in all their villainous, evil glory.

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20 truth-filled quotes that will give you chills


A good quote can do a lot: give you an inspirational boost, soothe your soul, or provide some much-needed perspective. But the best quotes? They give you chills.

Now, we know the Internet has its fair share of over-posted quotes, which often become so over-used that they begin to lose their meaning. This is unfortunate, but luckily there are plenty more words of wisdom out there just waiting to become classics. That’s why we’ve selected 20 of our favorite goosebump-giving gems, that cover a wide range of the human experience and just might change your view on life.

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10 Robin Williams thoughts about life that’ll make you love him even more


Often it’s not until somebody is gone forever you realize how much you love them. Yesterday we discovered how much we loved Robin Williams. Although we never met him, we grew up with him and we always knew that whenever he appeared on our screens he’d make us laugh or cry or think a little differently about the world.

But, it wasn’t just his comic genius that made us feel close to him. It was also the fact that beneath his zany exterior you always suspected there was a very special warm-hearted person lurking. And this person was acting the way he did because he really did want to make you feel happier. Well, it turns out there was a very special person and he was doing it all just to make us feel happier. These Robin Williams quotes on love, life and loss, help us remember just how special.

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How to win at life: The 22 most motivating quotes from history’s greatest athletes and coaches

22 best sports quotes

We might not all be world-renowned athletes like the people on this list, but that doesn’t mean their achievements can’t inspire us to strive for greatness. These words of wisdom can be applied to all aspects of our lives, whether it’s finishing our first marathon or simply getting through a rough day.

If you want some advice on how to win at life, you’ll find it in these 22 quotes from the people that do motivation best. Read on and start winning!

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