That’s a MiniDisc: 14 Finnish music videos that will make you feel old

Screenshot from Darude's Sandstorm video

Do you know that sinking feeling of realizing that time flies and you’re older than you think? Yeah, we do too, and honeslty, it’s like a fun roller coaster ride. In light of this universal feeling, we’ve collected a bunch of Finnish pop tunes you might remember from the past two decades (!).

If you’ve grown up in Finland as a millennial, you might have associated these tracks with everything slick and international. See, there was a time when convincing Finnish pop in English was a shiny new thing. Chances are you will remember these tunes like yesterday. But once you look closer at their accompanying videos, they will feel as dated as you secretly know you are yourself.

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Fly me to the moon: 10 lunar tunes that’ll send you into orbit


Like space? Love the moon? Wish you’d made the Apollo missions? Waiting for Richard Branson to slip you a ticket for one of these moon shuttles we hear he’s plotting? Well, in the meantime, put down the oxygen tank and slip on your dancing shoes: here are ten top lunar tunes, from decades of moon music, we guarantee will launch you into orbit.

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