Quiz time: Which famous Finnish Olympian are you?

Finland’s history books are filled with inspiring and talented Finnish Olympians who are known around the world for their accomplishments. Ever wondered which of these sporting titans is most like you? Take our latest quiz to find out!

In pics: Fashionable Finns of the 1960s and 70s

Finland has been making a very fashionable name for itself in recent years. Big names like Marimekko and Ivana Helsinki remain industry pillars, and more and more up and coming fashion designers can be found in Finland every year. The more the merrier, but the fact remains that Finland has always been fashion forward -- just take a look at the fabulously fashionable photos below to see for yourself!

Answers to 19 popular questions Finnish people ask Brits

When you move to a new country it’s natural that the natives are curious to find out if the stereotypes they’ve learnt about your homeland are true. However, Finns don’t always have a convenient Englishman at hand to answer. So, to make thing easier here’s a handy list of answers to all the questions I’ve been asked by Finns in the last 11 years or so.