7 reasons why you need to read the Finnish Nightmares book

Finnish Nightmares book

Need more Finnish Nightmares in your life? Well, you’re in luck! Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland has just been released by its creator, Karoliina Korhonen.

It didn’t take long for Finland to fall in love with Matti, the socially awkward protagonist of the Finnish Nightmares comic. Within just a few short months of his appearance, Matti has captured hearts both here in Suomi and around the world with his “do unto others” philosophy that values personal space and respect. And it’s no wonder Finns identify with him so easily — Matti’s personal views on peace and quiet tend to be the norm in Finland.

Happily, you don’t have to be Finnish to enjoy the book. With chapters on Social Relations, Public Transportation, At Work and more, Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland has plenty of helpful tips on how to handle tough situations in the truly Finnish way. Matti’s experiences will ring true for Finns, introverts, and foreigners in Finland alike. Finns, prepare to chuckle when you realise just how many of Matti’s inner thoughts you share. Introverts, expect to cringe along with Matti as he navigates the ins and outs of social interaction. Foreigners, expect a ton of “Aha!” moments while following Matti on his daily adventures in Finnish life. This book will undoubtedly clear up a few social misunderstandings for you. With something for everyone, Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland takes you on a trip into the Finnish mind while exploring the sometimes small, but always awkward, social expectations of Finland.

Here are our top 7 reasons why you need to read Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland — in our opinion, it should be a must-read for anyone living in Finland. We can all unite under the umbrella of Matti’s self-consciousness — just not together. That would be weird.

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11 things you probably didn’t know about Finnish Nightmares

Finnish Nightmares

When we first stumbled across Finnish Nightmares on Reddit, Karoliina Korhonen’s Facebook page had 287 followers. It now has over 112 thousand! Karoliina’s cartoon, showcasing the awkward adventures of Finnish Matti as he tries to deal with the modern world, has taken Finland by storm. It comes as no surprise then to discover that Finnish Nightmares is one of the finalists at the SoMe awards. The event, organised by Aller Media, aims to celebrate social media success stories. And if anyone can lay claim to that it’s Matti, which is why he’s got our vote and we very much hope he’ll get yours too. If you agree, head on over to the page and vote now.

In celebration of this achievement and because, after publishing the world’s first ever Finnish Nightmare’s interview, we’re some of Matti’s biggest fans we asked Karoliina to share some fabulous Finnish Nightmares facts. So, here without further ado, are some fact about Finland’s funniest cartoon series you probably didn’t know.

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A world-first interview with the creator of Finnish Nightmares, Finland’s funniest new cartoon series


Every country has its national stereotypes. Brits are overly polite and adore tea. Americans love burgers and guns. The Finns are no different. They have certain characteristics, which set them apart from other people. This, of course, means they also have certain dreams and certain nightmares. To showcase the later, one talented digital media pro from Northern Finland, Karoliina Korhonen has this week launched a brand new cartoon series, Finnish Nightmares. The idea which started, she says, as nothing more than a “brain fart” is to present the most awkward social situations a stereotypical Finn can encounter. The results, though, are hilariously accurate. So much so that her Facebook page has gone from zero to over 25000 likes in just 48 hours.

At Ink Tank, we know a viral phenomenon in the making when we see it. So, despite the fact she had just 287 followers when we discovered her work, we were quick to get in contact to find out more about her cartoons, her inspiration, and her own Finnish nightmares. Now, we’re happy to be able to share this exclusive, world-first interview with the woman herself. Here’s what she had to say.

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