Police confirmed the presence of 30 - 40 protesters opposing the arrival of asylum seekers in Lahti. One of them wore the robes of the white supremacist movement the Ku Klux Klan.

Finnish Ku Klux Klan clown needs to read his history. The Klan hated Finns too.

In the late evening of September 24, the vile reactions to refugees in small towns around Finland took a quick turn for the absurd… at least in the eyes of those who know their history.

Finland’s public service broadcaster YLE reports that a bus transporting 49 mostly middle eastern asylum seekers were met by a group of 30-40 individuals protesting their arrival. The mob launched fireworks at the bus and later threw rocks at Red Cross workers operating the gates of the refugee center. As picked up by international media by now, one of these clowns wore an improvised Kuu Klux Klan outfit, of all things.

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Finnish Instagrammer of the Week: Taru Latva-Pukkila

Finnish Instagramer of the week

We love Instagram and we love Finland, so what better way to combine the two than by launching a weekly series to celebrate them both. Every Wednesday, we’ll showcase a brand new Finnish Instagrammer who is showcasing the very best of super Suomi. We’ll ask them questions about their photos, get them to share their favourites and ask them to do a mini-music-movie with the ace new Finnish iPhone app, LUUP. If you’d like to have the chance to share your photos with over half a million monthly readers worldwide, be sure to hashtag your best work #InkTankFinland.

To kick off the series, we’ve got an Instagrammer whose work I’ve admired for a very, very long time. So please put your hands together the one and only Taru Latva-Pukkila, better known on Instagram (and EyeEm) as @tarulp.

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Finnish pilot ball for weather observations.

See how these amazing colour photos of Finland during WW2 bring the past to life

Finnish pilot ball for weather observations.

Rare colour photos of Finland during World War 2 show the reality of war in a way that black and white can’t.

We’ve all learned about World War II, whether reading about it in a history textbook or hearing stories passed down from a grandparent. We’ve also seen photos, grim black and white depictions from a time that doesn’t always feel entirely real to younger generations. The stories and photos become far removed from the vivid reality that is war, with many people today forgetting that those shown in black and white were real people who fought and suffered. And that’s precisely why colour photographs are so important. Colour photographs were a rarity at the beginning of WW2, with Kodachrome only making its way into use in the mid-1930s. However, rare examples of colour shots do exist, and they are nothing short of spectacular.

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6 modern movies that tell you all you need to know about Finland

Finnish cinema is a tough racket. Its scope is limited by the country’s minuscule market of 5.4 million inhabitants who speak an unusual language. Even big, mainstream movie productions rely on grants to be feasible. Unlike say, their Swedish colleagues, Finnish filmmakers don’t get a boost from a potential audience of neighbouring countries, who sort of understand the language.

Despite this, there’s a bunch of modern Finnish movies that deliver in terms of being widely understandable art. Many of those reflect very particular, recurring themes of struggles, melancholy and nature.

So, let’s get to the movies.

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Be a Flow pro: 10 ways to make sure your Flow Festival rocks

If there’s one Finnish festival everyone should check out it’s Helsinki’s Flow Festival (August 14-16 2015). Since it first kicked off in 2004, Flow has established itself as Finland’s premier event for eclectic music styles, usually booking many of the most fascinating alternative, indie, electronic, rap, hip hop and R’n’B acts from around the world. This year’s lineup headlines acts du jour such as Alt-J, The War on Drugs, Future Island, MajorLazer while the art-pop elite is represented by Beck and Pet Shop Boys. Easy to get to, with awesome food and ambiance, this artful orgy of hipness has everything the enthusiastic festival-goer needs. So, with all this awesomeness on offer how do you make sure your Flow Festival 2015 rocks? Here are our top 10 tips.

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5 things Finnish people ask me about America, thanks to Hollywood


I’ve lived in Finland for nearly 5 years after moving here from the United States. I’ve been asked many questions by curious Finns over the past few years, usually starting with “Why did you come here?” (to go to university) quickly followed by “But why did you stay here?” (because I love it here). After a couple of drinks, the conversation often turns to American stereotypes, in particular the American stereotypes and tropes that are portrayed in movies and television. A good part of the entertainment that the world consumes comes from Hollywood, so most Finns have seen the same tropes over and over and are left wondering whether it’s a case of Hollywood invention or Hollywood reflecting real life in the United States.

When it comes to American stereotypes, there are plenty to take your pick from. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common questions that I’ve been asked about life in the United States, based on what movies and TV are telling the world.

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