Donald Trump’s face is being added to ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ cartoons and it’s comic genius

What do a ranting cartoon 6-year-old and Donald Trump have in common?

According to the creative redditors over at /r/DonaldandHobbes, plenty! The premise is simple: they find original Calvin and Hobbes strips in which Calvin goes off on one of his famous power-hungry tangents, and superimpose Trump’s head. The cut and paste jobs might not be seamless, but the dialogue is a disturbingly good fit — the childish imaginings of Calvin as said by Trump could easily be mistaken for the real thing.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, so scroll down and have a laugh. Just keep in mind this bit of advice from the subreddit moderators: “Have fun and try not to think worse of Calvin. He’s only six. Trump’s going on 70 and still hasn’t grown up.”

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7 reasons why you need to read the Finnish Nightmares book

Finnish Nightmares book

Need more Finnish Nightmares in your life? Well, you’re in luck! Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland has just been released by its creator, Karoliina Korhonen.

It didn’t take long for Finland to fall in love with Matti, the socially awkward protagonist of the Finnish Nightmares comic. Within just a few short months of his appearance, Matti has captured hearts both here in Suomi and around the world with his “do unto others” philosophy that values personal space and respect. And it’s no wonder Finns identify with him so easily — Matti’s personal views on peace and quiet tend to be the norm in Finland.

Happily, you don’t have to be Finnish to enjoy the book. With chapters on Social Relations, Public Transportation, At Work and more, Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland has plenty of helpful tips on how to handle tough situations in the truly Finnish way. Matti’s experiences will ring true for Finns, introverts, and foreigners in Finland alike. Finns, prepare to chuckle when you realise just how many of Matti’s inner thoughts you share. Introverts, expect to cringe along with Matti as he navigates the ins and outs of social interaction. Foreigners, expect a ton of “Aha!” moments while following Matti on his daily adventures in Finnish life. This book will undoubtedly clear up a few social misunderstandings for you. With something for everyone, Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland takes you on a trip into the Finnish mind while exploring the sometimes small, but always awkward, social expectations of Finland.

Here are our top 7 reasons why you need to read Finnish Nightmares: A Different Kind of Social Guide to Finland — in our opinion, it should be a must-read for anyone living in Finland. We can all unite under the umbrella of Matti’s self-consciousness — just not together. That would be weird.

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10 things you probably didn’t know about the world of illustration

5 Batman

So, my fifth book, Beautiful Trees, came out a couple of weeks ago and, like all of mine, it’s illustrated (this time by the wonderful Miranda Sofroniou). Which I guess is a little unusual for an author of books for adults. And yes, I say that knowing that writing a picture book for adults might be a little unusual too. Especially when it’s about the trees that are significant to its characters.

So, to help me celebrate, and because I’m generally super-interested in things like this, here are ten surprising and interesting facts about the world of illustration and the brilliant and wondrous people who inhabit it.
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Fooled you! Fiction’s biggest pranksters


The first of April is when all the pranksters come out to play: repressed all year, forced to hide their talents, springtime becomes their valedictorian moment as the traps are baited and set, and the rest of us shriek and cower while the practical jokers take their bows. Some of the most memorable amongst them are figures from literature – here are a few fictional pranksters that shocked, scared and startled us:

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Why I’ve fallen for Marvel superhero Kamala Khan and why you will too

Kamala Khan

It doesn’t happen every day that a literary fiction guy who also happens to be an academic feels like geeking out in public. And yet, one comic book series, coming from a company that absolutely does not need my help in promotion, makes me curl up to my iPad like to a real book (yes, I had to use the digital edition, sorry fellow geeks). The new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, made the gadget transparent for me. She made me think Harold Bloom himself would venture into using the word “awesome” if he read it (and he damn well should). To (mis)quote Jacques Derrida, it has “presence.” Alice Munro is raving about it (no she’s not, but I can so see her do it).

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Think this is a cartoon? Take a closer look.

Cris Alex Silver Surfer

This amazing recreation of the Silver Surfer was actually done with makeup by talented special effects makeup artist Cris Alex. She created the work of art, which is based on Ron Lim’s cover of Silver Surfer Vol 3 Issue #20, by using PPI Skin Illustrator for the body and foam core and acrylic paints for the board. Did she nail it or what?

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