Italians create a Brexit pizza. Its ingredients are genius

As the mad dash towards national self-destruction continues, with the stockpiling of body bags, medicines and food it’s easy to forget how this must look to the rest of the world. While the deluded fanatics of the ERG witter on about greatness and bouffanted pub millionaires tour the country speaking nonsense, people in other countries have a clearer view. Take Italy, for example. When EU Flag Mafia visited Venice, they spotted this menu, and shared the joke behind it on Twitter. Needless to say it struck a chord and prompted over 5k retweets and a ton of hilarious replies, including other fun signs. Tuck in and enjoy.




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  1. I’m currently in Spain. They have their own problems of course but believe me, Brexiteers are an absolute laughing stock here.

  2. another post backfires……..this just serves to underline how the Europeans have been taking us to the cleaners for years , paying a lot of money for not a lot in return ….so whats new ….we currently pay Eurors 13 billion and get back just 4 billion . the EU has been taking the PIZZA out of us for years and now will face the prospect of bread and water when we don’t pay the 39 billion.

    • Tom Donovan you have no clue what we get in return, do you? Do you think it’s just about the headline figure! The savings in free movement of goods to U.K. companies outweigh the supposed fiscal gap. As do the massive net contribution to U.K. tax coffers of EU workers. As does the cross-border co-operation on science and criminal investigations. As do the inward investments by BMW, Airbus et al. Honda and Nissan will take with them over 6000 jobs, each paying an average of £50000 into the UK economy. That’s £300000000. If the average Brexit bot could be programmed to grasp macro-economic realities and not the half-educated drawling drivel spouted by the ERG, then maybe, just maybe sensible debate might be possible

    • Facts and data is published everywhere for those that are eager to get informed! The rest seem to be happy in obtaining their information from the headlines of certain disputable trash that they insist on calling ‘newspapers’!

  3. I live in the Netherlands, Brexit is viewed here as a 2 year Monty Python sketch and they laugh at us as much as at Trump.

  4. Of course the Italians are saying this. They don’t want us to leave. I think you will find that the world is laughing at Remainers childish comments

  5. Richard Evans, if you believe that, you are a deluded fool. I talk to people from many parts of Europe and many other countries too. They all laugh at the idiocy of Brexit!

  6. Apparently the Remainers are opposing the latest government plan to cut pensions to pay for the costs of Brexit -this has to be prevented at all costs.

  7. UK has been surpassing the Great Nation of Belgium in absurdism. But hey; if the islanders want the title of Absurdistan; us Belgians will be happy to send the trophy over.

  8. I think you’ll find it’s only the childish whiny Brexitards who get laughed at. The sensible Remainers get pitied for being stuck on an island of deluded “patriots”.

  9. Brexit Pizza: Order a pizza, pizzeria gets angry, pizzeria withholds or even steals most of the toppings, rest of your group blames you for the missing toppings.


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