Revealed: The 9 levels of Leaver expectations about Brexit

As the idiocy of Brexit grows ever clearer by the day, it seems that the expectations of Leavers grow ever more diminished. Inspired by a fantastically fun tweet by David Schneider, we’ve detailed how reality is making their Brexit utopia bleaker and bleaker. Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, sanity prevails before level 6.

Level 1

Everything is going to be wonderful. We’ll be richer, the NHS will get £350m a week more money, we’ll go back to Imperial measurements and the streets will be permanently swathed in Union Jack bunting.

Level 2

We’re going to be richer eventually. It just might take a few years, that’s all. It will all be worth it in the end.

Level 3

I don’t care if we’re poorer. Money isn’t everything. As long as we have our sovereignty back. Oh and fishing rights, of course.

Level 4

I don’t care if we have to eat poisoned chickens. That’s the price you pay for being a global trading power. Chlorine can’t be that bad for you anyway. We use it to clean kitchens, for god’s sake.

Level 5

I don’t care if my family lose their jobs. Jobs aren’t everything. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices. Kids of today have no idea how hard it was for us.

Level 6

I don’t care if there are no functioning hospitals, farms, cafes, banks, air flights, social care, etc. Who needs society to function when you have sovereignty.

Level 7

I’m happy we now have the Hunger Games. It helps to showcase the British bulldog spirit to the world.

Level 8

I’m happy we can only stay alive by eating our own young. At least we have sovereignty now. And only the Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, French and Spain get to fish in our waters.

Level 9

I’m happy we now live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where only a handful of survivors live on in Boris Johnson’s basement. We’ve certainly shown those Eurocrats and know-it-all experts that we’re not cowed by Project Fear.

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  1. I’d like to laugh at this list but I’m afraid I might know a couple of people who would go all the way to the bottom of that list and still not realise….

  2. The biggest worry is that the media are feeding the Brexit foot-soldiers on a diet of hatred and intolerance for the EU.
    ‘Normal’ Brexit supporters seem to be keeping their heads down. Nobody challenges the negativity.
    The EU will have a jingoistic, intolerant, hateful neighbour which is believing that everything bad about Brexit is down solely to the actions of the EU.
    Britain will be as resentful as post-Versailles Germany.

      • The reparations imposed led directly to WW2. The only difference will be Britain hasn’t got enough home grown industries to build up an efficient war machine and certainly not enough service personnel since contracting recruitment out to the private sector

  3. We’ll all be richer eventually… When 10 years from now when the triple lockers have dwindled & the rest of the population is poor as church mice they’ll be a Brexsneerer ‘road to damascus’ conversion to the fact we need to rejoin the EU!!!

    • We will never return to the position we held in 2016 when by working with out EU partners we could have jointly remodelled it for the 21st century with the UK taking a position of leadership… DisMay and BoJo and their cronies have ensured this will never be so. Even if we have a second vote and revoke article 50 and remain a member of the EU they have removed all credibility the UK ever had and this will take many, many years to rebuild. I cry for the Country of my birth and am very sad that I have no wish to return to live there…

      • Well said! But presume you mean “working with our EU partners..” Your last sentence sums up my feelings also although I was already feeling like that even before. The Brexit vote was the final straw.

  4. I deeply resent the Brexiteers’ misappropriation of the Union Flag (Level 1). I have some lovely cushions, tea cosies, scarves etc that I no longer feel I can use in case someone takes me for a brainless jingoistic racist. ?

  5. If it wasn’t for the fact we’re all going to get fucked, it would be quite fun to watch their face when reality dawns- But maybe they’re so deluded they never will

  6. Not to mention Level 10 and 10a
    In the end no one gets out of this world alive [10]
    You came into this world with nothing, and you leave this world with nothing. What have you lost? nothing. [10a]
    The farmer takes good care of his livestock, but when the time comes. He will slaughter them! You my friends [that includes me] are not the farmer. Accept it.

  7. The frightening thing is, Boris in a potential candidate for the leadership of the Tory Party, as indeed is Gove, and ‘I didn’t realise how many trucks come through Dover’ Raab, think Mogg has shot himself in the foot appearing with Farage.

  8. Project fear is now the name of the leave game, giving people an informed vote is now being castigated as being undemocratic,

  9. Have I got the wrong friends ? I know under a handful of contemporaries who don’t proudly support Farage, Trump, Johnson and Mogg…. and whenever I venture into a pub I’m surrounded by even more of the gits. I reckon you’d have to do a crawl of at least half a dozen hostelries before bumping into a non-xenophobe on about the nasty bullies in Brussels…

  10. I did not know their was so many idiots in this Country that voted Brexit they have not the brains of a rocking horse

  11. Leavers’ promote fear for the future. Departure of major financial institutions from the City plus stated intentions of captains of industry about employment post Brexit provide evidence justifying anxiety. Mazaltof David Schneider for your depiction.

  12. Departure of major financial institutions from the City plus stated intentions of captains of industry about employment post Brexit provide evidence justifying anxiety. Mazaltof David Schneider for your depiction.

  13. I agree, how could people be so nieve as to think it was all going to be win,win,win!!! We are all going to be the poorer if we leave, not least culturally!!!

  14. Yep, we brexiteers are sick of being shown up by Europeans with a better work ethic, better family values, and the ability to hold more intelligent conversations! Get’em outta here and that would force real ‘working class’ brits to actually work and get off benefits. Sure the economy will collapse, but we’ll sell the NHS and dismantle the welfare state and save a lot of money. No pain no gain dudes. Anyway we’ve got our hideaways abroad, and we have an army of idiots who hate Poles and Romanians and Hungarians etc and who. Ore for us. Asset stripping the U.K. Is our birthright. Don’t like it, move to Sweden suckers!

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