Quiz: Which hard-partying writer are you most like?

Which hard-partying writer are you most like?

The literary world is filled with party animals. Which one are you?

From adventurous boozers to happy hosts, many of literature’s greatest authors knew how to have a good time. Find out which hard-partying writer you’re most like with our quick quiz — the results just might inspire you. Whether you feel inspired to pen a novel or chug a beer is up to you, though.

Image by Dennis Skley

Are you literature’s top party animal? Tell us your results in the comments below.

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  1. I got Anaïs Nin and I have to say I am pretty happy about that. At the very least we have the same taste in flamboyant outfits

  2. Result: Ernest Hemingway
    Hemingway had a famous love of drinking, but he also had a love for adventure and living life to the fullest. From booze binges with F. Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce to hunting big game in Africa, Hemingway did it all.
    How to get the most out of life according to Ernest: “Never confuse movement with action.”

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