Worker’s Paradise: Not-My-Job is the Meme of Minimal Effort

Upside down USA flag at Mcdonald's flag pole

In case you have a case of the Mondays, literally or figuratively, and your giving a damn appears broken: Not to worry. Well, that’s maybe overly encouraging, but at least you can rest assured you’re not alone. Below, we’ve collected some fine examples of workers, in vastly differently industries, just not caring at all. The meme is Not-My-Job and it’s delightful.

Consider not browsing these in an open office landscape unless you’re comfortable with your colleagues seeing you gigglesnort and/or splurt coffee all over your desk.

Emergency exit sign behind lamp

Finished installing the emergency exit sign, boss




Sticker: disregard refrences to acetone

Yeah, so, anyway, acetone, negations. Got it.


Don't disclose brand discount sales

Minumum viable non-disclosure


Warning sign: opening door results in both electrocution to death and fine

But who will handle the paperwork for this? Whatever, not my job.


Sloppy, non alligning dolphin themed tiles

They’re just going to look at these for a few minutes while handling toilet business.




Wheelchair ramp with impossible threshold

They didn’t teach nothing about no wheelchairs and thresholds in carpenting school.


Upside down USA flag above McDonalds flag on suburban flagpole

Who would even pay attention these days?


Small paper on sign

Great job saving on professional printing services


Load of dirt secured with belt

That dirt told me it’s going to sit still and not jump around, sir


Sign fingered hand with tattooed knuckles

But our market research shows donut crawing tough guys don’t count fingers




Sign that says "Right lane must right left"

Everyone’s going to know what we mean, man

Piece of work: crappy movie review

What, what, no compliment on my writing?


"Diploma do not bend" labeled letter crammed into mailbox

Please, Mr. Postman

Taper towerl dispensers filled with generic towel roll

Someone’s job description isn’t too specific about knowledge on where to order paper towels

Billboard installed upside down

I’m sure it was rainy and foggy and dark and snowy and a hail storm while they did this


Shoddy mobile repair shop sign



Signs cost money and time


Wheel chair ramp in the middle of road with impossible, blocking light pole

I’m sure there was a ramp quota to be filled


You can find more of this lovely stuff on the delightful subreddit /r/notmyjob. If you think we missed a must-see example of someone doing-not-their-job, let us know in the comments below.

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