Seven Signs of the Times: Nigel Farage mocked after irresistible Photoshop bait

Caricature of Nigel Farage

British mainstream media like the BBC have given more than a fair share of visibility to characters like former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Far-right populists, despite being given loads of screen time, must yammer to their base with tired old clishés about “Lugenpresse”, the “lying press”.

Mr. Farage is of course no exception, and yet again he so enthusiastically wanted to wage his war on the BBC, that he did that Internet-age equivalence of a public fart: holding up an easily photoshoppable sign. Like farting, an exploitable photo happens to all of us every now an then. But how bad it is, to quote George Carlin, depends “on who’s cooking”.

But just check this big and beautiful thing. As far as held-up signs go, this is top shelf material. It couldn’t be much wider if Mr. Farage wanted conveniently the hold it up by himself and fit it into a conventional photo.



Just compare it to the Dunkirk movie poster thing Farage did last summer. It may be a big sign, but it’s way less personal and enthusiastic.

So let’s investigate what the internet came up with this time. In case you want to get in on the fun, find below a clean slate.

1. Bonus points for self deprecation here

2. Pointing out the obvious again, but someone has to make those first awkward dance moves



3. Here’s a little something to make Farage less vile

4. Have to admit, I find Morrisey annoying, although I like his take on the meat industry

P.S. Fellow non-fans of Morrisey might still enjoy Speedway, a song Spotify recommended to me. I find the drums super catchy.



5. Let’s not impose good sense on a man who has none

6. This one’s very unlikely unless Nigel ran into some “Malkovich Malkovich” kind of bad trip

7. This one suits any guy with a shit-eating grin

To explore Mr. Farage’s history of bad judgement with signs, look no further than our previous post on the subject.

Title photo by Donkeyhotey

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