Watch this: “MythBusters” star, nerd icon Adam Savage discovers the joy of squeezing plastic ducks

Adam Savage is his Duck Army meme video

Adam Savage hasn’t lost his trademark ability to muster the nerdy enthusiasm some of us associated with MythBusters since an age before Twitter and Youtube. This observation is abundantly obvious if you take a look at this 40 second video of Savage squeezing multiple plastic ducks, a new move known as the “Duck Army” in the Internet’s expanding repertoire of silly self expression.

Yes, we’re serious and you mustn’t miss this. There are no explosions, weird projectiles or controlled demolitions, only plastic ducks. Just make sure to turn on the sound in the video below.

As if tweeting this video to remind us all about the importance of finding beauty in small things, Mr. Savage reaches nothing less than the pure joy of a toddler who’s just discovered cotton candy. The whole “Duck Army”  meme got started this August after one Kevin Synnes uploaded a short Youtube video of himself pressing down a cart full of squeaking plastic toy ducks on display inside a store.

As you might notice in both Adam Savage’s video and the original, the resulting polyphonic duckish battle cry is an uncanny blend of hilarious, terrifying, sad and awesome. We simply have no choice but to feature this thing.

As one might expect, Know Your Meme already features a collection of Duck Army mashups and variations, including Vines like this one.

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