The 24 best music websites for rocking your world


Bob Marley famously said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” If there’s one man who knows what he’s talking about, when it comes to top tunes, it’s Marley. Question is, what are the best places to get hit by the magic of music on the Web? Google “the best music websites” and you get over 300 million results. Happily, you don’t have to wade through them all to find the best because we’ve done the hard work for you. So, crank up the volume and get on down with the best booty shaking sites online.


Now you can be the DJ

2. StereoMood

Choose the tunes that best suit your mood



4. Songkick

Scan your library and receive notifications of nearby concerts

5. Radio3net

Streaming 1001 albums you must hear before you die

6. GoodMusicAllDay

Ace electronic, hip hop blog and player


7. Warbeats

Improve your beatmaking skills

8. RainyMood

Cool noise cancellation sounds for chillin’

9. Whosampled

The perfect place for finding music samples

10. Dancingastronaut

Electronic music, news and reviews



11. Tastekid

Discover related TV, music, movies, books, etc.


Great electronic radio resource

13. Live365

Awesome online radio


14. mp3cut

 The place to cut mp3s online


Use your listening history to find related artists

16. BPM4DJs

BPM database

17. TrackItDown

All the latest in electronic music



18. Simplynoise

A selection of noise cancellation sounds

19. SoundCloud

Audio hosting to share and listen to music

20. TheNeedleDrop

Great music review site


21. BeatPort

Online electronic music store

22. Classic-Music-Online

Free classical music library with player

23. 22tracks

Simple 22 track playlist categorized by genre


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19 replies

  1. I didn’t even know half of these websites! Sad these days that when people want to listen to any kind of music they just go on youtube. IMO, More people should take time to see what other alternatives there are

  2. Wow… wonderful. I’ve been searching for a list like this for a long time. Thanks a lot for putting it together

  3. The list is very good. I hope you make another post like this for lyrics about songs that are not well-known.


  4. Also add these websites:
    Free online radio, no news, no commercials and other bullshit, in every music genre and super awesome
    Free online psychedellic radio, also no bullshit no commercials

  5. This is also good:

    Its about folk music in every country and its free. The site is very new and database is not very large, but they have weekly update and improving the database daily/weekly. People also can send the songs too.

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