8 hilarious movie spoof posters showcasing the idiocy of Brexit politicians


As the slow-motion car crash that is Brexit Britain continues to get worse by the day, more and more Britons are using comedy to help them deal with the bleak realities of a country in chaos. One new form currently showcasing the idiocy and ineptness of Brexit politicians is the Brexit movie spoof poster. With countless possible posters to play with it’s proven to be a rich source of inspiration.

Meet the Brexit movie spoof creator

So, much so that one photographer, Kathy Tipping has made them into something of an art form. But what got her started? “I have always loved the artwork and photography on film imagery, the use of succinctly determining and relevant snappy taglines in cinema and classic quad posters,” she says. “Secondly, I have a real love for surreal, absurdist or just plain childishly silly, but intelligent humour – amongst my comic heroes are Monty Python, The Goodies, Father Ted, the IT Crowd, Mighty Boosh, This is Jinsy, Mitchell and Web, Count Arthur Strong, The Fast Show, Spaced & Simon Pegg Cornetto Film Trilogy – all of whom share an often off-kilter, ludicrously daft but subtly clever slant which tickles my sense of humour in particular. I’m also very inspired through my familiarity the parody writing of my musical hero, Neil Innes, the singer/songwriter, of Monty Python Fame, The Rutles, (Beatles Parody), The BBC series The Innes Book of Records – and Raggy Dolls theme music! – he uses the farcical nature of life and politics in his fantastic song repertoire and I see him as my muse in many respects.”

Below you’ll find some of her best, along with one lampooning Angela Eagle by her partner James Murray, and a couple of bonus posters discovered on Facebook. With the Brexit fiasco being such comedy gold, we’re sure they’ll be plenty more to come.









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  1. Cameron has played a double game “IN” and “OUT”.
    I suspect him to be a false remainer.

    The choice of Boris Johnson is a big mistake.
    400 millions of continentals are hating him!
    He will soon realize… and the “Iron” May will also rapidly become “white iron”.

    Anyway, I won’t believe in the Brexit until the first drop of ink to sign it will flow.
    The market is reacting as is.
    Wait them to face the reality.
    They will have to ask their own specialists in the British administration and I’m sure that even there, they will have a negative return for the Brexit.
    … and if he talks privately to the Queen, as she’s the guarantor of the unity of the kingdom, her position (in private) is very easy to guess.

  2. Please would you kindly listen to my little voiced request and STOP SWEARING, it makes your output unsharable for educated, sensible remainers. It makes you sound like BREXITers and spoils your message. Off for a cup of tea in a cup made in the EU, with EU made machinery, by EU workers in an EU factory, adding water which is pumped processed and piped by water systems full of EU content, boiled in an EU made kettle to add water to a non EU tea bag.

    • We’re confused. (Not for the first time) But what swearing are you talking about? Oh, and enjoy your EU tea. Sounds wonderful.

  3. Brexit is quite easy to explain: my 7 year old son and 10 year old daughter get it anyway.

    “Britain is made up of stupid people and intelligent people. Stupid people voted Leave and Intelligent people voted Remain. Unfortunately, Britain over indexes on thick people who failed to question some of the blatant lies they were being fed.

    If any Brexit voter wants to challenge this, be the first to tell me what lies the Remain camp told during the campaign (i.e. the equivalent of the £350m paid to the EU {already a massive lie} that will be spent on the NHS {Seriously!}.

    And then tell me what the plan for Brexit is………..

    You can’t can you……………….Ayethangu!

  4. How about some other film titles: Brexit at Tiffany’s? The W*****rs Bunch (The Wild Bunch)? The Expendables (aka The British Public) 1, 2 & 3? Open Market (Open Range)? The EU Job? London Belongs to May? Last Booze Cruise / Weekend in Paris? EasyJet (Easy Rider)? Passport to Republic of Ireland (Passport to Pimlico)? Carry on England (things are screwed enough already)? The ‘Great’ Escape? 2019: A British Farce/Cock-up (2001: A Space Odyssey)?

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