Meet the artist whose spoof movie posters are trolling Trump

Now Donald Trump has been president for a few months, we can officially add Trump photoshops to the list of “Things the Internet Loves”. So it should come as no surprise that people around the world have been getting creative with photo editing, and the result is tons and tons of amazingly hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, photos that show just how people feel about the newish president.

To find out more about the phenomenon, we had a chat with photoshopping creative Mr Left. By day, Mr Left is a sign writer and chalkboard artist for pubs and cafes and has done cartoons for magazines and teaching in the past.



Some photoshoppers do it out of boredom or just for laughs, while others, such as Mr Left, do it as a political statement. “I started doing photoshops last year as I’ve recently felt disenfranchised by the apparent rise in the right politically,” Mr Left says. “I grew up in Wales during the Thatcher years so could never be anything other than a liberal leftie, though I’m not too keen on the way Corbyn has taken Labour way too far left to be sensibly feasible either. Given that politics is only portrayed by extremes nowadays, I think it’s time to start kicking back at the pseudo-fascists and faux Marxists that seem to have taken over.”

Scroll down to see some of Mr Left’s most recent work, a brilliant series of Trump-inspired spoof film posters. We have a feeling they’re going to be playing on the bigly screen any day now!





Mr Left says that his favourite is Donny Littlehands — what’s yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. These are hilarious!! Love the spicer quote on Donald Littlehands. Be ace if the artist did some for UK election. Lots of material

  2. Fortunately for you the subject you chose to ridicule is a Patriot, a Conservative, a True American! I could do this crap you spent too many useless months on and show what a POS example your leftist, lying, excrement Obama was and is, in much less time and considerable more relevant and humorous

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