Artist creates an incredible 7393 piece LEGO mosaic of Hunter S. Thompson


The legendary creator of gonzo journalism, the highly subjective blend of fact with fiction, Hunter S. Thompson is without doubt one of America’s most notorious writers. The man behind Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, arguably the greatest drug-soaked, rollicking chronicle ever written, Hunter was a man who lived life to the max. Now in honour of his birthday ( he would have been 78 today) an L.A artist has created an incredible piece of Hunter S. Thompson art. Andy Bauch, who is famed for his LEGO mosaics of famous LA landmarks, constructed the massive  7393 LEGO mosaic of Hunter S Thompson in 25 hours. To see how he did it, check out his masterpiece below.


Born in Queens in 1983 and raised near Boston, Andy is a self-taught artist who works primarily with LEGO bricks. His LEGO obsession began while studying digital video compression techniques and he now applies an array of digital skills to create his mosaics. His artworks often refer to pop culture and art history, using the cheerful plastic toys to explore darker, more complex subjects. A huge fan of Hunter S Thompson, in particular, his book Hell’s Angels, is now trying to find a worthy home for his tribute to reside at. If you’d like it to adorn your walls or simply want to check out more of Andy’s awesome work, be sure to head on over to his site.


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  1. Fun idea and some great work….but I can think of more appropriate ways to celebrate. Collage of LSD tabs or guns for example 🙂

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