Arctic Amour: 6 hot tips on how to date a Finn

Finnish girls, screenshot from Youtube video by Aleksi Himself


In this article we’re joined by prolific Youtube personality Aleksi Himself, aka Aleksi Linna who explains the ins and outs of the Finnish dating scene. Read on for a look into Finnish love life and culture, and check out Aleksi’s channel for useful knowledge on other topics about Finland.




How to date a Finn part I – women

Meeting and dating Finnish women doesn’t have to be a series of awkwardly misfortunate moments. The Finnish media is currently reporting that singles outnumber partnerships, so what’s the problem?


1. Finns are indecisive with Romance

Is it an overused generalization that Finnish men are too reserved, or are Finnish women just too beautiful, hence unapproachable? Where are some good spots, other than bars, for people to meet the opposite sex and form an attraction… especially for people who are shy by nature?


2. You can meet a Finn anywhere. After all, you’re in Finland

But when presented with a good setting for encounters, is there a lack of action? What constitutes the right setting for an appropriate ice-breaker? Are random encounters too infrequent?

I believe many Finns love it when you break their monotonous, everyday routines with an unexpected compliment in public. Only a handful of people are bold enough to shatter norms that give you an immediate upper hand in the dating pool.


3. Questions! Questions! Where should Finns start?

Well, what do Finnish women want? How do they like to be approached? I set out on a mission to answer these lingering questions by gathering some basic field research.

The evidence based on direct questioning points to Finnish women’s distaste for the insincere, humorless flirt — but don’t despair! There are other things men can do to capture a potential mate’s attention:



With these tips of the trade from real Finnish women your dating life is sure to improve!





How to date a Finn part II – men

In this tireless topic of dating in Finland, I also wanted to examine men.

What are men doing wrong? Is it all about the first move, and if so, why aren’t women helping the overly generalized “shy guys” by approaching them with uncomfortable compliments in public?


4. Even Finnish guys appreciate women who make the first move

When done properly, first-movers display confidence which Finnish men find sexy. Personally I love it when women approach me first, and I will surely give them credit for bravery!


5. You just can’t go wrong with humor

Finnish men also seem to favor a more romantic encounter rather than a cheesy bar oneliner, with humor being the winning trait on both sides of the gender scale. So women, don’t wait for someone to approach you! Check out what these guys had to say about meeting girls and what they find attractive.



6. Don’t be scared, it’s only dating…




Edited by Michele Lawrence.

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  1. Finnish men are really good when it comes to this stuff, if they are interested they simply come forward and speak to you, they dont shout “hey pretty girl…” to everybody around, or make silly gestures to girls like in some other countries. Finns are very honest, they speak their mind, and they are not complicated at all. My finnish husband is my rock.

  2. There isn’t much love in Finland / Finnish couples. Finns (generalisation) like to stare. Not staring in a bad / sick / voyeuristic manner, but stare as in “I am gonna look at this wall for 20 minutes or point my face to this plate of porridge while I eat it because I truly have nothing to say”. There’s a void or an emptiness to the “Finnish being” that is so notorious that it isn’t even mysterious. Is just that, really: void.

  3. That’s easy! Full Finnish women in Canada like myself go online and meet cute Finnish men in Finland. Since we are a little more open here Finnish men get excited. Online is the best way to meet the Finnish. Although it does take a year or so for them to get comfy with you over the internet. Work in progress and progress is good.

  4. Love story

    I met my Finnish boyfriend in a bar. I told him he has a pretty nose and took him by surprise. Then we drank.

  5. Well I guess I will never have a Finnish man I’m not beautiful and I’m introverted and shy as hell unless I’ve had a few drinks so I guess I’m going be alone lol

  6. I just meet afin man online he said i was too quite and attractive i took first move to say that i loved him however he sais he wasnt sure if he could start arelationship although he keept sending me pictures and then after few days we started sex chart and phone romance but i do not really know if its getting to arelationship because he doesnt say

  7. Id love to go out with a finnish girl. Id go up to her and say “has anyone told you you look alot like tarja’ from ‘nightwish’. One, she will that as a very nice compliment and two, be very impressed that youve even heard of nightwish all the way from australia. Theres just something so etheral about nordic women that just mesmerizes me

  8. Ours is still brand new, he’s warm, straight to the point, and expresses himself so openly. He stunned me by just spitting it out that he loves me and wants to be with me because he feels this deep connection.
    I’m in love with his cooking skills, he can easily seduce me with his cooking, then his supple humour, it’s quiet almost unnoticed though I never miss it.
    Lately, I discovered I can make him laugh so hard, and also get him to blush terribly so.
    P.S I’m a simple black woman and a great conversationalist.

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