Helsinki authorities burst the summer dreams of Sam the Soap Bubble Man

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We all love bubbles, and the bigger they are, the better. So, when Sam Wilson, the famous Soap Bubble Man, starts his magic in Helsinki’s Meripuisto, it’s no surprise that children run towards him, arms raised skywards. Dozens of children cavort in the evening sunshine, laughing and screaming with delight as Wilson amazes them with flurries of soap suds. Around them, happy parents clap and smile in wonder at the bubble making maestro. It’s a sound Wilson hears wherever he goes, travelling as around Europe to share his skills with children everywhere.

“I came to make some fun in Finland,” the Londoner says. “It’s my first time here. The first week was lovely. Great weather, great people, great fun.”

Having fun and making sure everyone does, too, seems to be his main motivation. Even four year ago, when he was filmed on London South Bank by filmmaker Nick Turpins, it was clear that enjoyment was his number one priority.

What a fantastic addition to Helsinki summer life, you’d think, until reading the Soap Bubble Man’s sad story, which he shares on the side of the huge expanse of grass. It appears Wilson had been camping out by Sompasaari, “next to the free sauna and between two beautiful willow trees.” The Monday gone, he went shopping to find everything he owned gone. The culprits were not thieves, but the City of Helsinki. Wilson was left without his equipment, his tent, and even his food.


For a city that prides itself on its support of the arts, this seems like a shocking way to deal with anyone, let alone someone who’s spreading so much happiness in Helsinki in such an unforeseen way. Sam is now looking for answers, and so are we here at Ink Tank. If you want to find out the rest of the story, and help a man who’s dedicated his life to making kids laugh, please share this story far and wide. Fingers crossed, if enough people read about Sam’s plight, the Soap Bubble Man will be back in business very soon and we’ll all have the chance to witness more super scenes like this.






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  1. This is an unfortunate story. I’m sure that it is illegal to dump a the man’s belonging like that. Anybody know for certain?

  2. Oh no!! I saw him there last week. He’s amazing and the kids love the bubble. Really sad if he does now go 🙁 :

    • Cool! That’s one thing I love about Finland. Politicians don’t live in ivory towers but are happy to hang out and chat with the people they represent. Hat tip to Pekka Sauri. 🙂

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