18 reasons why you shouldn’t bother going to Helsinki’s Flow Festival

Flow Festival sign. Photo by Jussi Hellsten.
Often described in the international press as one of Europe’s best music festivals, you’d think Helsinki’s Flow would be a no-brainer to add your bucket list. However, before you rush to get your last minute ticket of the partially sold out event (August 12-14 this year), you should consider these 18 very important reasons to think again.


1. The lineup’s not up to much for music nerds






2. And the venue sucks too


3. Plus, there’s no mud to wallow in


 4. Which makes the atmosphere terrible


5. Mainly because nobody goes


6. Still, the traffic chaos is unimaginable


7. If you get hungry, there is hardly any food to choose from

Some of the delicious food available at Flow Festival 2016


8. And there are only a few places to chill


9. It’s basically a concrete jungle


10. With some crappy disco lights


11. And unknown DJs

Flow Festival 2016 DJ lineup, with resident advisor seal of approval


12. The cool headliners are just lip syncing ripoffs


13. Groovy live music is extinct in this year’s lineup


14. The household names are old people with no energy


15. The acts you haven’t heard on top 40 radio are obviously useless


16. As if that’s not bad enough, they force feed you art too


17. Then there are boring free talks


18. No wonder kids get so moody on Family Sunday

No, don’t bother with Flow. You’ll hate it. If you still insist on going, check out our Flow survival guide from last year.

Title image by Jussi Hellsten

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  1. Lol!! See what you did there. Anyone now not able to go for all these reasons can give me their tickets 🙂 🙂

  2. I think people should really skip the festival these days.
    They have not respected local citizens at all and closed local biking routes to build the festival for 3 weeks. This is totally opposite than the values they mention in their communication. So I’d recommend strongly to consider if you want to support this kind of event. So if you care about the values and people. Skip the festival. Sometimes festivals grow just too big and forget to respect people. Like Flow festival.

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