Absolutely Socking: Finnish FB group against human rights gets flooded with socks

Dirty socks on a pair of sneakers, presumably not related to the xenophobia in Finland following the Turku knife stabbing attack

Note: the reporting on a nazi group being flooded with pics of socks is incorrect. In fact, this involves a parody group. For a for complete statement, with corrections, please see Jaakko’s feedback in the comments section of this article (scroll way down). This article will remain otherwise unchanged, as we think it contains commentary on the opportunist nature of how the political aftermath of the Turku incident is playing out. As always, please let us know about factual problems in our writing.

Turku, Finland’s sixth largest and oldest city, experienced a deadly, Islamism-related act of terrorism last week. You might ask yourself what this has to do with socks and a Facebook hate group. Let’s find out.



Sadly, regressive thinkers across Finnish society are playing straight into the hands of Turku’s knife-wielding assclown and his totalitarian ideology. On the interweb, people are inciting violence against “immigrants” (presumably anyone who isn’t melanin challenged).

Political opportunists in all ranks of government are falling over themselves cackling hysterically for the case of internet mass surveillance, which Finland might be facing due to a dangerous bill.


Screenshot from Finnish sock hate group on Facebook

Someone’s pleading for a change of a typo in the anti-sock Facebook group’s name


Internet nazis and their jihadi brethren

Violence against immigrants is nothing new, and vitriol against non-xenophobics is on the rise on social media. The Turku attack appears to have been targeting women. But curiously enough, Finnish women on the internet are getting threatened by Finnish men. You’d be excused for seeing curious parallels between Islamism and Western “white nationalism”.

In the following tweet, outspoken podcast host and feminist Iris Flinkkilä lists conspicuously Finnish sounding names. These are people who’ve sent her death threats following anti-racist remarks regarding the Turku attack’s aftermath.



As reported by Helsingin Sanomat, one of these guys got particularly excited and started the Facebook group “Social movement against terrorism” and… “socks” (Terrorismin ja sukkien vastainen kansanliikeryhmä).

Unfortunately for him, he misspelled the Finnish neologism suvakki, a shortened slur for suvaitsevainen, literally “tolerant person”. The real implication being, that only bad people believe in basic human rights and working against structural oppression.




Don’t diss the spelling, diss the hate

Suffice to say, this edgelord got his social media phenomenon alright. But presumably, he didn’t expect resistant floods of tongue-in-cheek hate speech against socks, sukkia in Finnish.

That’s the the partitive plural form of sukka. In the original sentence, Terrorismin ja sukkien vastainen kansanliikeryhmä, genitive plural is used. Because Finnish grammar is fun like that.


Screenshot from Finnish sock hate group on Facebook

Someone’s concerned about a wave of socks reaching Finland’s western border to Sweden, a country known for it’s sock ridden problem suburbs.


Shaming people for misspellings is a form of ableism. Spelling mistakes is a common symptom of dyslexia, a thing we, as professional writers, shouldn’t heckle people for.

Likewise, implying that racism necessarily is a symptom of  “low intelligence” is extremely rude to loving and caring individuals born with severe cognitive disabilities. So, we’re just going to sit back and be analytical here, without additional puns. Seriously though, screw this human asswipe and his hate group.

By the way, does this case make anyone else think of the clown car KKK man, from a couple of years back?. He certainly put Finland on the map.



Authoritarian response to authoritarian attacks

With regard to the Turku attack, we have some additonal thoughts. As is customary with contemporary Islamist terrorism in the West, the threats were known by authorities. With more resources spent on, at a minimum, solid policework, counterintelligence/counterterrorism, with boring, human sources, this, and future attacks could perhaps be avoided.


Screenshot from Finnish sock hate group on Facebook

This person forgot white socks in their washing machine, resulting in coloration during the next colored wash. SAD!


Internet mass surveillance, on the other hand, is expensive and generates lots of false positives, particularly if the purpose is to do real time monitoring of terror threats. It’s deeply disingenuous to hype internet SIGINT, Signals Intelligence, as a silver bullet for catching terrorists in the making.


SIGINT is not what it seems

Surveillance is also a danger to democracy. Present day internet surveillance technology offers draconian tools that Stasi could only have dreamed of. In fact, these tools, sometimes using Finnish technology, are in use today in countries like Iran and Saudi-Arabia to oppress citizens

The real use for internet mass surveillance is to build long-term dossiers on known individuals and to try and understand how other state actors work. Finland is becoming a nexus of internet traffic entering and leaving Russia, Finland’s beloved neighbor with it’s taiga equivalence of Saddam Hussein at the throne.

This includes Russian companies, like Yandex, building data centers in Finland, thanks to stable conditions and less sucky infrastructure.

We invite competent data scientists to correct us on our assumptions about the efficiency of mass surveillance for terrorist spotting.



When Western demographies adopt mass surveillance, citizens better sit down to think long and hard about how many paragraphs really protect us from slipping towards a model of China’s insane public-private partnership for “social credit”. The program combines government surveillance with commercial internet tracking. All in the name of national security, obviously.


Screenshot from Finnish sock hate group on Facebook

Someone rejoicing about leftists waking up to the threat of socks, as expressed by a rap music video titled “cut your socks”.



Sock the police?

Finnish police officers sure are granted immunity for petty ethnic profiling. The police are also mandated by law to engage in destructive nonsense like enforcing drug criminalization. Suffice to say that this writer is highly skeptical of glorification of the police.



However, Finnish persons of color enjoy the dubious “privilege” of at least not getting shot for ”offences” like Driving While Black. In fact, the Finnish police force appears well trained, and is known for avoiding deadly force, which is impressing for a country with plenty of alcohol, guns plus military conscripts trained to use them.

In this case in particular, police displayed competence: The Turku assailant was stopped by a quick shot in the leg, mere minutes after starting his stabbing spree. During a press conference following the spree, police were careful about disclosing investigative findings prematurely.

But Minister of the Interior, Mrs. Paula Risikko immediately blurted out that the suspect was “foreign looking”. Nice.



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Title image by Quinn Dombrowski

8 replies

  1. Let’s face, neo-nazi and idiocy go together like bread and cheese. They’re all dumbfucks..every single one.

  2. Propably it was not a misspelling, I think that the autocorrect was quilty for that mistake. “Suvakkien” become “sukkien”. So we don’t make fun with those who has probles with misspelling for any reason. We make fun with loud-voiced racists and mean persons. This world needs love and laugh, not hate and mean voices.

    • Hi Johanna and thanks for sharing your observations.

      You’re probably right about this being a case of the usual autocorrect thing. It crossed my mind, but I ended up with the idea of cramming so much random context into this, to make it accessible for English speakers. So it slipped. I also failed to mention that suvakki refers to vajakki, which obviously is ableist.

      But hey, I mean, I somehow managed to plaster on an entire opinion piece on internet surveillance next to random trivia on Finnish grammar. I guess this is what me writing quickly, without proper drafting, does to the internet.

      I would however point out that a dyslexic person probably would have a harder time spotting wrongly corrected words. But sure, dude in question is being a fuckstain.

      The point is though, I don’t know anything about him, and I don’t want to assume. I think this text sort of became something of a reminder to myself, really, that ridiculing Nazis, white nationalists and similar, based on their assumed poor education, or other disadvantages, is counterproductive to the cause of diminishing structural oppression.

      I keep reminding myself about this. Thing is, in my free time, I really like studying and admiring creative uses of swearing and insults. Like this gonzoesque rant on critique of U2 and Bono. It makes me gigglesnort every time.

      I share the George Carlin-type sentiment that strong words have a fun gravelly texture to them, much like a well-placed guitar solo in a good pop song. But as you’ve probably guessed, I’m in the process of trying to look over my vocabulary from the perspective of weeding out needlessly hurtful or socially clueless language.

      • Hi Thomas.

        I´d liked to correct you with this “sockgroup”

        We are highly anti-racist people from all backrouds. Group staretd from this misspelling of an racist trying to form abt.#1500 racist group on facebook.
        It was spontanious at the start but very soon it became viral. 13 000 members in a 2 weeks. (Pretty good for a language area of 5,5 million.) More and more people understood our goal to show by sarcasm how stupid, hollow and light is that rethoric that those racistic peolple use.
        Socks are too absud target to hate that anyone could mistake idea.. or so we thought. Obviously someone did so and wich we can´t be more sorry. Thou, I can understand that there might be some chances to understand us wrongly if there is some language issues involved, Finnish humour is not easy to translate..

        Dysleksia is, ofcourse, not for a fun. But misspelling by any reason is big part of these peoples rethoric on their hate, so we copied that too and turned that also to the socks. As well as any other meme-like-features of that conversation type.
        As said, we trying do the fun for a type of conversation, not any individual person, people or possilble disfunctional features of them.

        If anyone has offedend by our group for any other reason but because offended is a racist, we sorry. Absolutely we are, because that was not our goal nor meaning. Just have fun for a cost of hateful people witch we are so tired of.

        • Hello Jaakko!

          Great to hear the group isn’t nazi.

          Seriously though, thanks for the corrections and comments. I’ve heard hints about the reporting on this group being imprecise, but I’ve simply been too overburdened with other work to look into this further (this site is a tiny part of my day job). My apologies for the confusion.

          In truth. I found it hard and distracting to quickly type up this story due to the need to explain non-obvious Finnish wordplay. Then there’s the political aftermath of a violent attack, the context of which I found it necessary to elaborate on. I’m afraid the complexity and hurry had the best of me in this case.

          I’ll link to your statement in the beginning of the article. Due to how our site is cached and displayed on different devices, it may take a few hours for the amendment to become visible for all visitors.

          // Thomas

  3. ARE U TYRING TO MAKE FUN OFF OUR MVOMENT? tHIS IS AN OUTGRACE! ARE U 1 AF THEM SOCK HUGERS?!11 you have no idea with what wer’e dealingg here in fINNLAND IT’S an invasion of socks our boreders are flooded woth armies of socs, and Wre’re LOSING!!11 ÖYHÖYHÖYHÖYH!!! (ÖYHÖTYSTÄ)


  4. The original group was actually deleted, but a new one with the same name was re-created by a person who was absolutely fed-up with the racist hate-speech in Finland. The fb-hate group against socks is ALL about anti-racism and defeating hate with laughter. Racists are not welcomed to the group.

    Your criticism concerning ableism is a valid one though – but certainly NOT what the members of this parody group are aiming for.

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