Don’t try this at home: crazy Finnish farmers show off chainsaw carrying drone


Here’s something you shouldn’t try over a backyard in a polite Cul-de-sac neighborhood: building a drone with an operational chainsaw. However, if you live somewhere in the relative wilderness like these apparently crazy Finnish farmers, it’s more interesting to not let self-preservation hold you back. This nightmare vision of a machine is decorated with nothing less than the #KillerDrone hashtag.

The Finnish news site interviewed the makers of the video, Miika Ullakko, Antti Kunnari and Henri Kiviniemi. The idea behind the video seems to make fun of what the group describe as media hype over the capabilities and potential of relatively fragile drones. When asked about the dangers of making the video, the trio points out that even without the depicted setup, the octocopter is massive circle saw that will chew up any squishy being that get to close to it.

We admire the feisty attitude, but at Ink Tank, we’ll refrain from kicking robots and insulting drones since we assume that their offspring will be smart enough to hunt us down fifteen years from now.

Neither the video description on Youtube or the interview reveal which octocopter model is being used, but this deadly toy clearly manages to carry a chainsaw in a setup that allows the entire saw and the blade to turn. The entire video is very well shot by the team’s experienced drone filmmakers, with supporting footage from another camera carrying airborne unit.

Following a couple of minutes of massacring ice cones and snowmen, the video peaks in a stomarch-churning reveal of this killer machine’s Achilles heel: regular balloons. Ouch. That’s one protip you might want to keep in mind if you don’t want a chainsaw carrying monster to spin out of control over your head.

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