Finland’s 12 best English-language pages to like on Facebook


Tired of seeing uninteresting drivel on your Facebook feed? These Finnish Facebook pages are here to help.

Amidst the photos of old acquaintances’ babies, humble-bragging status updates, and ads, Facebook can quickly become a hassle. But with just a few “likes”, you can transform your Facebook feed into a magical place that actually makes you want to stick around. There are tons of public pages offering fresh content! Whether you’re after information, laughs, or simply a way to kill time, these pages about Finland are sure to tickle your fancy.

If you love Finland as much as we do, take a look at a few of our favorite Facebook pages that are all about Finland. Run by Finns, foreigners living in Finland, and Finnophiles from around the world, these Facebook pages have the latest news, blog stories, photos, images, and memes. And they’re all in English!

Very Finnish Problems


It’s only been around for a couple of weeks, but Very Finnish Problems has already got a passionate fan base and it’s easy to see why. Billed as “the everyday trials and tribulations of life in fantastic Finland”, the page and Twitter feed shares fantastically funny insights about Finland and Finnish life. You’ll find funny pics, super satire, vintage videos of Finnish music (“I Wanna Love You Tender” by Danny ja Armi, anyone?!), and much, much more.


thisisFINLAND facebook

ThisisFINLAND, which describes itself as “an attractive window on #Finland and Finnish society”, is a great page to follow for articles, blog posts, and general information about Finland. Typical topics include recent news about Finnish companies, Finnish history, and fun listicles.

Yle News

yle news facebook


Want Finland’s latest news, but haven’t quite perfected your Finnish just yet? No worries! Yle News provides Finnish news articles in English, delivered straight to your Facebook feed. We can’t promise that it’ll all be good news, but at least you can give Google Translate a rest as you catch up on current events.

Helsinki Times

helsinki times facebook

Helsinki Times is another good option for news for English-speakers living in the capital city. You’ll not only get more Helsinki-specific news, but news from around Finland as well.

Taught by Finland

taught by finland facebook

Finland is known around the globe for having one of the world’s best educational systems. For those of you looking for more insight into Finnish education, check out Taught by Finland. Run by Tim walker, an American teacher based in Finland, you’ll find plenty of blog posts and current news focusing on the Finnish education system and Finnish culture in general.

Finnish Word of the Day

finnish word of the day facebook

Learning Finnish? Then I don’t need to tell you that it can be a difficult, often excruciating journey. Finnish Word of the Day is a wonderful page to follow if you’re in the process of expanding your Finnish vocabulary. It posts one Finnish word every day, complete with a definition and explanation in English, and is a helpful resource to keep you on track — no more “I’ll study tomorrow” when it’s posted on your feed every day!

Learn Useless Finnish

learn useless finnish facebook

Learn Useless Finnish is another fantastic resource on Facebook for Finnish learners. Don’t let its name fool you: much of the page’s words and phrases are actually useful! There’s plenty of knowledge to absorb such as idioms, historical oddities of the Finnish language, and funny phrases.

I wish I was in Finland

I wish i was in finland facebook

Finland’s official tourism site, Visit Finland, runs I wish I was in Finland. In addition to amazing blog posts, you’ll find tons of photos that prove just how beautiful Finland is (as if you need convincing). We’re pretty sure liking this page will inspire you to start planning a few trips — there’s a lot to do in Finland, so don’t miss out!


funland facebook

Funland is a good place to go for, well…fun! The page posts images and memes about Finland as well as general humor. If you’re looking to add a spot of sunshine to your dark winter day, give Funland a like and let the laughs commence.

Finnish Nightmares

finnish nightmares facebook

Do you cringe after a salesperson accidentally touches you, or start to sweat at the prospect of having to choose a seat on a nearly full bus? This is the Facebook page for you. Using comics starring the character Matti, Finnish Nightmares explores the small moments of social awkwardness that Finns know all too well.

Finland in English

finland in english facebook

Aimed at expats living in Finland, Finland in English posts plenty of helpful info and interesting articles for aspiring Finns. If you’re hoping to move to Finland or already live here, be sure to give this page a like.

All things Finland – Suomi

all things finland facebook

All things Finland – Suomi is a cool page to follow for a mix of Finland-related posts. You’ll find funny videos and gifs, amusing images, and interesting blogs posts to help while away the time, in both Finnish and English.

There you have it, 12 amazing Facebook pages that all Finland lovers will love! Be sure to give them a peek and a like. In the meantime, we’d love to hear about the Finnish Facebook pages that you already know and love. If we’ve missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments below.

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