Feel the Bern! The best Bernie Sanders inauguration memes showcased

 Yesterday, the world witnessed a truly historical event when Joseph Robinette Biden Jr was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States at the age of 78. 

But, as inaugurations go, this one was truly unique and a little unusual. The masks, the lack of people, a missing former president, (good riddance) that guy disinfecting the podium between speeches — they acted as reminders of the crappy times we’re living in. 

So it was a great feeling when the camera gave us a quick preview of a familiar face in the crowd. Like a loving old grandfather turning up to watch you in a school play, Bernie Sanders sat patiently wearing a thick coat, a fabulous pair of mittens and a slightly pissed off expression you only see on old New Yorkers.  

Although the internet still debates if Sanders was in a mood or simply very cold, his closed body language and sitting position has taken social media by storm. To celebrate this, we’re showcasing some of our favourite Sanders inspired images, and have even made a few of our own. 


1: Sanders worries if space travel will benefit the American middle class


2: Hanging out with regular guys!


3: Sanders in the sauna: feel the Bern


4. Doing social distancing right




5. Drinking with the dude


6. Senator by day, trendsetter by night



7. How to practice for a debate with Trump


8. We’d all love to live next to Bernie


9. Adding some class to Trump Towers 

10. If he never went into politics


              11. Casual Sanders


12. He’s been in politics a loooooong time

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