Episode 8: Driving for 14 hours and only seeing forest

Photograph showing treelines in sunset. By Vesa Linja-aho.

Are electric vehicles taking off in Finland? Joel Willans, author of the best-selling book 101 Very Finnish Problems, is joined by Antti Korpelainen of Virta, a car charging services company. Topics include battery technology, long drives to Lapland and more. Co-host Thomas Nybergh is annoyed by misguided bio fuel subsidies and wants the current Finnish government to shove it.

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Thomas’ article on Finnish electric car adoption, anti-electric lobbyists and harmful subsidies.

How Norway’s government made electric gars irresistible

Electric cars in China

Developments in battery technology and cost

Electric car crash safety

Antti Korpelainen



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About the show

What’s so weird and wonderful about Finland? British born Joel Willans, creator of Very Finnish Problems, discusses, with a variety of fascinating guests, what he’s learnt after 15 years living in his much-loved, adopted country.

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Title photo by Vesa Linja-aho

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  1. I’ve got an electric car and now would never go back to petrol. Save a shitload of cash and it’s a babe to drive

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