Twitter fends off The Daily Mail’s “Enemies of the People” front page in fine style

A daily mail front page from November 2016, labeling judges "the enemies of the people"

This week saw an extraordinary attack on the British judiciary. A day after three British High Court judges ruled that a parliamentary vote was required to begin the process of Britain leaving the European Union, they were labelled “enemies of the people” by The Daily Mail.

This once pro-Hitler rag has a long tradition of anti-EU, anti-immigration scare mongering neo-nationalism. In fact, it’s one of a quartet of newspapers (the others being The Sun, the Daily Express and The Telegraph) which has helped the UK earn the dubious accolade of having Europe’s most right-wing press.  Headlines labelling one of the High Court judges an “openly gay ex-Olympic fencer” goes a long way to show level they stoop to.

Thankfully, Twitter got to “fixing” the front page of The Daily Mail.



Others felt it appropriate to suggest better uses for “Enemies of the People”

Some lawyers, legal experts, journalists and writers were also less than impressed by The Daily Mail and other bastions of journalistic integrity

There we go, another roundup of the not so admirable work of the pro-Brexit press and how sensible Britons defend against it. The best 2016 has to offer.

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  1. The harsh contradictions that the patriotwats ukipers and the likes have to face; their propagandistic fetish of the IIWW falls on the sarcastic fact that their grandads fought for totally opposed values.

    • Those I know who actually served in WW2 (a) voted Remain and (b) condemn the way Poppy Day is now used to glorify militarism and the British State to a new generation. Kippers living in a 1950s world basically feel guilty about missing the war and so have to act as if it’s still happening.

  2. The Mail has been a fascist sewer rag since forever. Supported the Mosley and the fascists as well as Hitler. So the best thing to do is not to buy it

  3. One of the most worrying aspects is the lack of condemnation from the lord chancellor and the government. If the rule of law is not respected then we have anarchy. We are half way there already.

  4. That’s in style for fascists. To name judges enemies of the people and even suggest some sort of violent attempt on their persons when the ruling does not favor their plans.

  5. The replies in twitter are hilarious. Remain ftw, but that guy ranting against patriotism and the state can go fuck himself. For sure our grandads didn’t fought for ideals like the ones the Daily Heil likes to sponsor as they did back in the thirties. Neither did they die for the anarchist shit you seem to promote while giving more arguments to ukippers.

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