11 of the world’s weirdest and coolest saunas

barrel sauna

Sauna is one of Finland’s most treasured traditions. For centuries, Finns used the sterile environment of the sauna for personal hygiene, births, cooking, and of course, relaxation. Considered a luxury in many other countries, saunas are a necessity in Finland. Even the Finnish soldiers of World War II constructed their own makeshift saunas out in the field.

Today, there are more than 3 million saunas in Finland — that’s about one sauna per household! Needless to say, the Finnish tradition of stripping down and sitting back in a steamy sauna isn’t going anywhere. Although the tradition of sauna remains the same, some of today’s saunas are weird in the most amazing ways.

We’ve rounded up a few of the world’s weirdest unique saunas. Prepare to sweat with sauna envy!

The Tram Sauna

sauna tram

sauna tram 2

Italian designers wanted to prove that public transport also could be relaxing, so they created the first ever Tram Sauna. The sauna is made in a real tram cart, and is currently located in the middle of a real spa complex, where it sits on its own tracks.

The Sauna Bus



 If you love sauna bathing but find yourself too busy to ever do it, this Finnish sauna bus could just be your solution! Perhaps you could sauna bathe on your way to work?

The Lakeside Sauna

Lakeside sauna

Who wouldn’t want to relax with this wonderful view of Ontario?

The Gondola Sauna

gondola sauna


In Lapland you don’t even have to leave the slopes to enjoy a sauna, you can just hop on a Gondola lift with a sauna inside!

The Barrel Sauna



 If you don’t have enough space for a sauna in your house, why not add a barrel sauna to your backyard?

The world’s largest public sauna


worlds largest sauna

The World’s largest public sauna: A Norwegian art project has installed the world’s largest public sauna on a remote beach on an island in the Arctic Circle. The sauna can hold over a hundred people so if you’re a person who enjoys the company of many others, this sauna would fit you perfectly!

The Fast Food Sauna

fast food sauna

If you love burgers and sauna bathing you now have the chance to combine them! Burger King, Helsinki opened the first ever fast food sauna in 2015. Now you don’t have to feel bad while eating that burger since you immediately can sweat out all the extra fat you’re consuming!

The Floating Sauna


The sauna can make you a bit too hot sometimes, so this floating sauna is the perfect solution! When it gets too hot you can just jump in the water and enjoy a refreshing chilly swim.

The Salt Sauna

salt sauna

This salt sauna in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, has walls made of Himalayan salt. Apparently the salt in the sauna has a lot of health benefits including regulation of blood sugar, and let’s be honest, the sauna is breathtakingly beautiful!

The Ice Sauna

Ice is a great insulator, so believe it or not, this ice sauna in Lapland is actually almost as warm as a regular sauna.

The Hockey Stadium Sauna


Have you ever been to an ice hockey match and felt incomplete because you couldn’t sauna bathe at the same time? Apparently lots of Finns have. This might be one of the most Finnish inventions there is.

Which of these weird and wonderful saunas would you want to relax in the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. As the list of ‘not interested in’ is shorter, I’ll put those down: the Fast Food Sauna and the World’s Largest Public sauna…the rest I’ll enter with relish!

  2. The ice sauna was one of my favorites, not because I thought it was one of the coolest ones but because of the ice and heat factor working against each other, I guess. Nice list!

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