Come alive! 15 things that look like other things

Eggplant that looks like a face.

Have you ever spotted a dog in the clouds, or a smiling face in your breakfast toast? For a split second, you might think you’re losing your mind. But rest assured, seeing faces and living beings in inanimate objects is actually a very common phenomenon called pareidolia, in which the mind attempts to organize chaos by finding meaningful patterns. Some theories suggest that pareidolia is a pre-wired ability that helped our ancestors to survive and others suggest that it’s simply a result of the way our brains handle the constant barrage of information. In any case, it’s a very cool illusion that results in photos that we love to look at. Check out these top-notch examples of things that look like other things and discover whether you can see anything odd.

1. Everyone is welcome to worship at the Church of Chicken.

Church that looks like a chicken.

2. Two chihuahuas are better than one.

pareidolia chihuahuas

3. Cookie Monster

pareidolia cookie monster

4. Dandelion Man goes wherever the breeze takes him.

pareidolia dandelion

5. This plank does not look pleased.

pareidolia zombie plank

6. This USB vows to protect the Queen.

pareidolia queen's guard

7. This mop looks skeptical of your cleanliness.

pareidolia mop

8. “Huzzah!”

pareidolia stick man

9. Moai in the pavement.

pareidolia moai

10. The most ironic self-portrait

pareidolia bird

11. Is this sloth steering wheel a subtle message to drive slowly?

pareidolia sloth steering wheel

12. A surprised box, not a box of surprises.

pareidolia box

13. A sleepy bell pepper.

pareidolia pepper

14. “Stick ’em up!”

Pareidolia camera

15. A baby shed in trouble with Mom.

pareidolia sheds

Which of these examples of things that look like other things did you love most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. They’re all pretty cool. Cookie Monster was not something easy to catch on film, and dandilion man was awesome. I am one of those people who sees these weird othetworldly things but I’ve never seen such an impressive collection

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