No sunburn: 12 upsides of terrible Finnish summer weather

Eastern Pasila, Helsinki in grey June weather, 2014

Here in Finland, summer is highly anticipated as a time for restoring sanity after months and months of bleak, terrible fall, winter and no spring to speak of. However, the weather of June, July and August just doesn’t always add up to what one would expect of a great summer.

Luckily, there are upsides to everything. In theory, at least. Let’s explore some of the, well, arguably sunny side of bad Finnish summers.


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Vintage Jaguar parking garage crash

Must see: Assorted animated GIFs featuring car and train wrecks

Vintage Jaguar parking garage crash


This post is written in the early hours of November 9 2016. We can think of no particular reason to release this post now. Maybe we’re just into disasters and stuff. Or perhaps we have an academic interest in Accident Research and Analysis.

We can’t say for sure, but we surely have a newfound fondness for screeching tires and whatever sound airbags make. Can you even hear that detail in the soundscape during a car crash?

So many questions with no answers. So, let’s move on to the GIFs!

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Witness the breathtaking beauty of a nuclear explosion

These incredible shots were taken in August 1969 by the French army in the Fangataufa atoll. Codenamed Canopus, this thermonuclear test made France the fifth country, after the United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and China, to successfully test a nuclear device. Today, there are an estimated 23 000 nuclear warheads worldwide.

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