Burning street car in Helsinki during USSR air raids, 1944.

Photos of bombed, WWII Helsinki mashed up with prosperous modernity

Burning street car in Helsinki during USSR air raids, 1944.

During WWII, Finland was twice involved in military confrontation with the Soviet union. For the capital, Helsinki, the most intense air raids and bombings occurred in February 1944, a campaign which is usually referred to as The Great Raids Against Helsinki. These amazing photographs, created by the Finnish Defence Forces Combat Camera unit, mash up haunting photos of wartime destruction with modern pics from a couple years back, in nice black and white plus colour images.

The USSR was under the impression its bombing campaigns were more successful and expected Helsinki to be pretty much gone by the end of the war. The Soviets didn’t learn of the relatively limited damage until after the war when Allied Control Commissioner Andrei Zhdanov visited Helsinki.

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Aleksanterinkatu Christmas lights in Helsinki

12 ways Finnish Christmas loneliness can eat you alive

Aleksanterinkatu Christmas lights in Helsinki

Christmas, at least in Finland, is supposed to be a lot of things: family festivities to contrast almost constant darkness. Gifts, rituals, traditions, journeys to home towns.

Everyone isn’t able to go with that flow. Not everyone wants it either.

However, Finnish society shuts down around Christmas, whether you have people to be with or not. So, if you know someone who might want company around Christmas, it’s probably not a bad idea to invite them to some part of your festivities.

Mental health crisis center hotline, Finland

If you’re on the side of waiting out Christmas and things get really gnarly, please be in touch with the crisis hotline of the Finnish Association of Mental Health.

We think this topic is serious: If you have suggestions and helpful tips on things to do during Christmas, let everyone know in the comments down below.
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President Donald Trump's face photoshopped onto photo of Queen Elisabeth II

The internet photoshopped Donald Trump onto the Queen and it’s scarily convincing

President Reagan and Queen Elisabeth II riding horses in 1982

Known rapist and US President elect Donald Trump behaves like a caricature of a monarch from Game of Thrones. So, naturally, someone saw it fitting to deal with this ordeal placed upon us in the form of the “leader of the free world” by giving Mr. Trump the full royal treatment.

The “royal treatment” is an open ended concept. In this instance, it refers to photoshopping Trump into full drag as Queen Elisabeth II. Because why not.

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Finnish Independence day celebrations at Tamperetalo, 2013.

Strange freedom: 6 weird Independence Day traditions from around the world

Finnish Independence day celebrations at Tamperetalo, 2013.
Independence. Isn’t that word sweet? Here in Finland, we celebrate independence for the 99th time in 2016, so we thought it would be fitting to compare independence day traditions in Finland to other countries.

In our defence, as you read on, remember what the weather is like in Finland in early December.
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Vintage Jaguar parking garage crash

Must see: Assorted animated GIFs featuring car and train wrecks

Vintage Jaguar parking garage crash


This post is written in the early hours of November 9 2016. We can think of no particular reason to release this post now. Maybe we’re just into disasters and stuff. Or perhaps we have an academic interest in Accident Research and Analysis.

We can’t say for sure, but we surely have a newfound fondness for screeching tires and whatever sound airbags make. Can you even hear that detail in the soundscape during a car crash?

So many questions with no answers. So, let’s move on to the GIFs!

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Go go snow! The incredible stories of the world’s coolest snowmobiles


Living in the 21st century, it’s easy to forget that until relatively recently populations in cold-weather areas were practically stranded by snowy winters. That all changed with the invention of engine-powered snowmobiles. While we’re all familiar with the modern version it turns out the snowmobile has a long and colourful history, spanning more than a century. To celebrate this we’re taken a trip down a memory lane, and unearthed the coolest snow transports of all time. Wrap up warm and enjoy the ride!

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This amazing Instagram photographer will teach you about Helsinki’s walls


Anyone who’s into Helsinki should take note of this Instagram profile, Helsinkifacades. The account has one goal: documenting the facades of Helsinki, in glorious detail.

The idea isn’t new: the Ihaveathingforwalls Instagram is a must-see for any friends of architecture, but this hyper-localized account documents Helsinki, one wall at a time.

We warmly recommend reading the captions too. The unnamed photographer gives well-researched detail about the origin of the buildings, including architects and years built. The same photographer has a general repository of more Helsinki goodness in a separate account: @somewhereinhelsinki_.

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17 photos that will make you see the 1940s differently

Fours DIY divers 1940s

With much of the decade dominated by World War II, the 1940s have not gone down in history as the happiest of times. But the 40s had much more to them than war. Swing dancing, jazz, fabulous fashion, classic film, and even the first computer all helped to define the decade as well.

People of the 1940s did the best they could to smile through the tough times. Take a look at these photos from 40s to see what we mean.

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The breathtaking beauty of these lowlight photos will change how you view the world

Toni Garcia 1

We love photography in all its forms at Ink Tank. But what we love even more is sharing the creativity and skill of talented photographers with our readers around the world. Toni Garcia, whose fantastic low light photos are shown here, is one such photographer that we can’t wait for you to meet.

Toni specialises in taking low light silhouette photos. His work is filled with beauty, mystery, and even a bit of spookiness that makes us marvel at how he turns a night time landscape into pure art. If you’re wondering how he does it, read on. We had a few questions for Toni, and he was more than happy to answer them.

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16 David Bowie quotes that show why he was such a legend


Everybody has a David Bowie tune they love and we’re no different. Somehow Bowie was one of those musicians you expected to live forever. Maybe it was his music or maybe his magic. One thing that’s in no doubt though was that he was an extraordinary artist in every sense of the word. As a celebration of his life and his wonderful way of thinking, we’ve put together a showcase of some of his wisest quotes. Each one shows why he was such a legend and why he’ll be so sorely missed, but never forgotten.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

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