Wow! We guarantee these pioneering landscape paintings will blow your mind

Jakub Rozalski 2Enjoy history? Get a kick out of science fiction? If so, then you’ll love the digital artwork by Jakub Rozalski, a concept artist and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. He incorporates fantasy and sci-fi elements such as mechs, werewolves, and even Predator into historic and picturesque landscapes, resulting in artwork that’s both awe-inspiring and entertaining.

Jakub’s latest project 1920+ features giant, menacing mechs (and occasionally Wojtek, Polish bear/soldier of WWII) lurking around early 20th century Polish villages – a concept that may sound odd to some. But the series has just the right balance of weirdness, anachronism, and talent to really pull it off. And what good is concept art if it’s not a little weird? Check out a few of Jakub’s stunning artworks from the 1920+ project below and see for yourself!

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16 simple life hacks to help you win in 2016


The New Year gives us all an opportunity to live life in a new way. For example, many of us get stressed dealing with people. Luckily, there are tons of simple yet creative life tips, which show you how to handle life like a champ! To help you win in 2016, we’ve rounded up 16 psychological life hacks that are used by successful people everywhere.

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Think this is a cartoon? Take a closer look.

Cris Alex Silver Surfer

This amazing recreation of the Silver Surfer was actually done with makeup by talented special effects makeup artist Cris Alex. She created the work of art, which is based on Ron Lim’s cover of Silver Surfer Vol 3 Issue #20, by using PPI Skin Illustrator for the body and foam core and acrylic paints for the board. Did she nail it or what?

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This is what happens when an artist lives in a cave for 25 years

Ra Paulette 6

“Changing the world is a tall order. Art doesn’t attempt to force change through direct action but to catalyze it by affecting the emotional basis from which change can occur.”

The wise words above come from Ra Paulette, an artist who has not only been changing the landscapes of New Mexico, but hopes to spark social change as well. Ra Paulette uses an artistic medium that most would consider to be uncommon: sandstone caves. For the past 25 years, he has used hand tools to carve the interior of sandstone caves into spectacularly beautiful works of art, working in solitude with only his dog at his side. With 14 caves under his belt, he’s now working on what he says is his magnum opus—a cave that he hopes will someday be used to “create an experience that fosters spiritual renewal and personal well being.” Ra hopes that the sense of wonder that his art instills in people can help to make the world just a little bit better by inspiring people to have a deeper appreciation of life. Take a look at a few of his works below and get inspired.

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Rockin’ shots: The stories behind music’s most iconic photos: No. 2


The second photo in our series on music’s most iconic photographs has ended up as possibly the most recognisable album cover in pop music history. And even if that’s open to debate, it’s certainly the most parodied. What’s more, The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover still draws fans to the road forty-four years after the photo was taken. But how did this iconic image come about?

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Loved Interstellar? Here are 6 old school space movies you’ll love too


Finding a good sci-fi film about space exploration can be a tough job. It needs to walk that perfect line between realism and imagination, all while taking you to fantastic new places and presenting you with captivating circumstances. Luckily for sci-fi fans, not only have the past few years seen a boon in good flicks like Interstellar, Sunshine, and Moon, but there are also quite a few old school gems just waiting to be watched or even rewatched, in many cases. We’ve selected six of our favorite old school space exploration films (and by “old school”, we mean pre- Star Wars) that deserve to be seen if you haven’t given them a try just yet.

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Rockin’ shots: The stories behind music’s most iconic photos: No.1


Rock and roll legends live life hard and they live life fast. In the good old days, before everyone went to concerts smartphones held aloft, this made catching them on camera all the more tricky. Yet this never stopped talented photographers giving it a go. For many it was a mission. Not only were concerts often culturally significant, but – given the propensity of outlandish performers to die young – you might never have the chance to capture these legends again. In this new series, we take a look at the story behind some of music’s most iconic photos, ones which showcase both the moment and the musicians perfectly.
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