The 24 best music websites for rocking your world


Bob Marley famously said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” If there’s one man who knows what he’s talking about, when it comes to top tunes, it’s Marley. Question is, what are the best places to get hit by the magic of music on the Web? Google “the best music websites” and you get over 300 million results. Happily, you don’t have to wade through them all to find the best because we’ve done the hard work for you. So, crank up the volume and get on down with the best booty shaking sites online.


Now you can be the DJ

2. StereoMood

Choose the tunes that best suit your mood

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Rockin’ shots: The stories behind music’s most iconic photos: No.3


The third photo in our series on music’s most iconic photographs epitomizes the rock star legend lifestyle. Hardly surprising when you discover that it features, Led Zeppelin, a group Danny Goldberg, vice president of the group’s Swan Song label said weren’t famous by accident, but “liked being the biggest band in the world”. So, who was the lensman who caught this iconic moment on film?

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Rockin’ shots: The stories behind music’s most iconic photos: No. 2


The second photo in our series on music’s most iconic photographs has ended up as possibly the most recognisable album cover in pop music history. And even if that’s open to debate, it’s certainly the most parodied. What’s more, The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover still draws fans to the road forty-four years after the photo was taken. But how did this iconic image come about?

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Rockin’ shots: The stories behind music’s most iconic photos: No.1


Rock and roll legends live life hard and they live life fast. In the good old days, before everyone went to concerts smartphones held aloft, this made catching them on camera all the more tricky. Yet this never stopped talented photographers giving it a go. For many it was a mission. Not only were concerts often culturally significant, but – given the propensity of outlandish performers to die young – you might never have the chance to capture these legends again. In this new series, we take a look at the story behind some of music’s most iconic photos, ones which showcase both the moment and the musicians perfectly.
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7 super song facts about “Paint It, Black” by The Rolling Stones

rolling stones paint it black

The Rolling Stones have probably released more iconic tracks than any other band in history. Hardly surprising when you learn they’ve been together for over half a century and hold the record for the most recorded songs of all time. One of the most iconic of their incredible 439 tracks is “Paint It, Black”. Released in 1966, it was the first single from the fourth album, Aftemath, and became an anthem for the Sixties counter culture.

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Top Tunes! Sasha’s 5 most legendary mixes

The DJ and record-producer to kick the asses of all the other DJs and record producers, Sasha rocks our world. Acid house, progressive trance, break-beats, Euro and US house, pop and/or electro – it’s a relief to us that Sasha says he’d rather not be pigeon-holed, because we’re really struggling to pin this dude down.

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