Teemu Keisteri as Windows95man DJ on a plane, where he played Darude's Sandstorm

Darude on a plane and beyond: The silly art of Finnish Windows95man DJ Teemu Keisteri

Teemu Keisteri as Windows95man DJ on a plane, where he played Darude's Sandstorm

Considered by some as an alternate Finnish national anthem of sorts, producer Darude’s international smash hit Sandstorm has a special place in the Finnish millennial psyche. The song, released back in 2000, connects us back to a time when it could heard as old-school ringtones on Nokia phones or admired as a music video on MTV featuring a chase through a sunny Helsinki.

Having recently returned as something of a retro phenomenon, one person took it upon himself to play the Sandstorm as part of a private DJ set on on airplane, at the request of logistics tech provider Relex.

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These haunting pictures will help you understand Finnish loneliness

We’ve arrived at the time of the year when us Finns hibernate in our homes. Summer is for having fun with friends, winter is for closing the doors and listening to your morbid thoughts, perhaps interspersed by the odd melancholic Schlager. It’s too dark outside to see anyone anyway, so why bother trying?

Ghost bridge

Ghost bridge

Fortunately, for many of us, this hibernation is self-imposed, but according to research, one in ten Finns suffers from chronic loneliness. While Finnish people don’t consider themselves any more lonely than their Southern European counterparts, their loneliness more often includes poverty, alcoholism and depression. Professor Nina Junttila from the University of Turku sees this as a result of weaker inter-family relationships. “In Spain and Italy, for example, relatives are very close. In Finland, family bonds are weak and people tend to seek help from friends. Those who have no friends will be left out,” she recently told the Kodin Kuvalehti women’s magazine.

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Elsa from Frozen

This Finn brought Disney heroes to life. They’re even more gorgeous than on film.

When graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen from Kuopio, Finland, first started his project on what Disney characters might look like in real life, he didn’t expect anyone to see them.

“One day, back in 2011, I just got this idea to entertain and challenge myself by reimagining Ursula in a more realistic way,” Väätäinen says. “It was fun so I did the same with a few other characters and posted them on the blog that I kept for my university studies.”


Ursula from The Little Mermaid

The rest is history. Someone stumbled upon his real life Disney characters and shared them, creating an online phenomenon. This year, inundated with requests for more, Väätäinen published a collection of Disney hunks. It has been viewed by literally millions of people.

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Logo for Banksy's Dismaland exhibition

This week in dystopic theme parks: Banksy’s Dismaland exhibition

Logo for Banksy's Dismaland exhibition

Here at Ink Tank we have the sneaking suspicion that many of our returning readers enjoy the works of graffiti legend Banksy.

The mysterious UK artist has now taken on a curating role in “Dismaland”, an exhibition described as a “family theme park unsuitable for small children”. This generous, six-minute news segment from UK’s Channel 4 gives a  nice dive into this massive package of sarcasm and dark humor directed at us and the times we’re living in.

The Dismaland show debuted on August 20 2015 on the Weston-super-Mare seafront in Britain and will be open to a public of a few thousand a day for five weeks. Complete with a name that can be seen as a punch at Disney, the exhibition features the works of 58 hand-picked artists. Themes explored include refugees in boats, payday loans aimed at children and a model of a post-riot town inhabited solely by the Police and media. Out of these examples, the latter bears the handwriting of Jimmy Cauty, a former member of The KLF.

At its very center inside the uh, Dismaland castle, the show features a dead princess Cinderella in a crashed carriage, surrounded by frantic paparazzi.

Needless to say, you should go and see the exhibition if you get the chance. Tickets are limited in quantity but cost only £3 each.

What’s your opinion of Banksy and his art? Do you know who he is? Give us the inside scoop in the comment section below.

If you’re ufamiliar with Banksy’s background, you can start by contemplating the photo below. The documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop is also highly recommended.

Banksy graffiti: One Nation Under CCTV

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You won’t believe how trippy this digital artist makes old photos look


“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past,” US President Thomas Jefferson once said.

Well, now thanks to Luke Robson, a British 20 year old digital collage artist, we can get the best of both worlds. Luke has mixed the past with a trippy vision of the future by going crazy with old pics. A maestro at digital compositing and colour theory, he creates collage pieces, which though retro in style, are futuristic in subject matter. To find out how he works his magic, we hooked up with the man himself. Here’s what he had to say.

digitalartYour work is an amazingly trippy combination of retro photos and intense colours and scenes, what inspired you to create your collages?

I’ve always enjoyed old-fashioned vintage photography and love to see images of people or settings or even a situations that can no longer be seen today. For this reason I wanted to bring these old photographs back to life, add some colour to them and manipulate them into my own form of surrealism. I find it so much more interesting to create a scene that’s complete surrealistic and as far away from reality as I can imagine. Usually, I find inspiration from the original source images themselves.

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Think this is a cartoon? Take a closer look.

Cris Alex Silver Surfer

This amazing recreation of the Silver Surfer was actually done with makeup by talented special effects makeup artist Cris Alex. She created the work of art, which is based on Ron Lim’s cover of Silver Surfer Vol 3 Issue #20, by using PPI Skin Illustrator for the body and foam core and acrylic paints for the board. Did she nail it or what?

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This is what happens when an artist lives in a cave for 25 years

Ra Paulette 6

“Changing the world is a tall order. Art doesn’t attempt to force change through direct action but to catalyze it by affecting the emotional basis from which change can occur.”

The wise words above come from Ra Paulette, an artist who has not only been changing the landscapes of New Mexico, but hopes to spark social change as well. Ra Paulette uses an artistic medium that most would consider to be uncommon: sandstone caves. For the past 25 years, he has used hand tools to carve the interior of sandstone caves into spectacularly beautiful works of art, working in solitude with only his dog at his side. With 14 caves under his belt, he’s now working on what he says is his magnum opus—a cave that he hopes will someday be used to “create an experience that fosters spiritual renewal and personal well being.” Ra hopes that the sense of wonder that his art instills in people can help to make the world just a little bit better by inspiring people to have a deeper appreciation of life. Take a look at a few of his works below and get inspired.

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Pup Fiction: 15 illustrated movie title typos every film fan will love

Pup Fiction, Austin Light

When Reddit gets bored, amusing things often happen. Take for instance this thread, in which redditors came up with hilarious film titles by removing one letter from the titles of popular films. One little letter change can make a world of difference!

The results and mental images they provide are enough to make you chuckle, but illustrator Austin Light took it one step further – he created incredible ink drawings that depict the film titles that the others came up with! It’s something you’ve got to see to understand, so check out a few of his creations (movie summaries included) down below.

1. Obocop

Obocop by Austin Light

“The story of how a police officer works through his PTSD and adjusts to his new robotic implants with the help of the sexy soothing sound of his oboe.”

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These selfies have done the unthinkable. Made art galleries hilarious.

Sometimes it feels as if selfies have been around forever. Yet, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first time the concept was mentioned was in 2002 on the Australian ABC online forum. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that it became popularly understood. A mere twelve months later and the Oxford English Dictionary voted “selfie” its Word of the Year. (“Twerk” and “Binge-Watching” filled the other top spots).

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