Finnish cops help out Batmobile, don’t get to test drive

Warner Licensed Batmobile with Chevrolet V8 engine on a Chevy Impala chassis. As seen in the Tim Burton movies Batman & Batman Returns.
Sometimes even the Dark Knight needs a hand. As the eastern Uusimaa Police district reports on their Facebook page, a highway patrol ran into an odd vehicle transported on a trailer. Temporarily stuck due to a punctured tire on the trailer, this unique, Warner Bros licensed Tim Burton-era Batmobile was on its way towards Monaco via Moscow.

The police officers, who seem like huge fans of the sleek vehicle seen in the Tim Burton movies ‘Batman’ (1989) and ‘Batman Returns’ (1992), report the specs too. This awesome machine is built with a carbon fiber body on a Chevrolet Impala chassis, with a Chevy V8 engine and is worth around a million euros.

The rear of a Warner Licensed Batmobile with Chevrolet V8 engine on a Chevy Impala chassis.
This unit is reportedly the only official, non-replica in existence.

In their Facebook field report, the patrol concludes on the sad note that a test drive was out of the question. At least they didn’t crash and burn as is not uncommon for police patrols who get in the way of Batman.

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  1. Batmobile is Swedishmade. Leif Garvin built it as well as the Tumbler. Mr Garvin is also a very good Singer and artist.

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