This week in dystopic theme parks: Banksy’s Dismaland exhibition

Logo for Banksy's Dismaland exhibition

Here at Ink Tank we have the sneaking suspicion that many of our returning readers enjoy the works of graffiti legend Banksy.

The mysterious UK artist has now taken on a curating role in “Dismaland”, an exhibition described as a “family theme park unsuitable for small children”. This generous, six-minute news segment from UK’s Channel 4 gives a  nice dive into this massive package of sarcasm and dark humor directed at us and the times we’re living in.

The Dismaland show debuted on August 20 2015 on the Weston-super-Mare seafront in Britain and will be open to a public of a few thousand a day for five weeks. Complete with a name that can be seen as a punch at Disney, the exhibition features the works of 58 hand-picked artists. Themes explored include refugees in boats, payday loans aimed at children and a model of a post-riot town inhabited solely by the Police and media. Out of these examples, the latter bears the handwriting of Jimmy Cauty, a former member of The KLF.

At its very center inside the uh, Dismaland castle, the show features a dead princess Cinderella in a crashed carriage, surrounded by frantic paparazzi.

Needless to say, you should go and see the exhibition if you get the chance. Tickets are limited in quantity but cost only £3 each.

What’s your opinion of Banksy and his art? Do you know who he is? Give us the inside scoop in the comment section below.

If you’re ufamiliar with Banksy’s background, you can start by contemplating the photo below. The documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop is also highly recommended.

Banksy graffiti: One Nation Under CCTV

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  1. I know the world can be depressing but Banksy usually has an element of dark humour. This is just looks depressing.

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