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21 female political leaders you need to know about: Part one

A roll-call of the political elite in the past fifty years is a pretty depressing document for anyone who’s got even a passing interest in gender equality: although it’s been sixty-one years since the UN Convention on the Political Rights of Women, the first international legislation protecting the equal status of women to exercise political […]

Novelty stores: 5 weird bookshops every book lover will adore

Where do you get your fiction fix – the library? The local bookstore? Online? Well, it’s time to step it up a notch: sometimes the shop itself is as fascinating as the titles you’re there to purchase. Just look at Venice’s Libraria Acqua Alta, pictured above! Here’s five more weird bookshops from around the world […]

7 remarkably inventive ways authors have promoted their books

The book market’s a tough one: with supermarkets and online retailers driving down prices and publishing houses looking to their marketing teams rather than their editors for acquisition advice, it’s getting harder and harder to for writers to sell fiction to publishers and for publishers to shift books – especially more literary titles – to the […]

Creating a convincing make-believe world is insanely difficult. These authors nailed it.

Whether you turn to fiction as an escape from the drudge and stress of daily life or whether you seek in it a thought-provoking exploration of human nature and the meaning of life, one of the main criteria you’re bound to have is credibility: however alien, ancient or arcane the fictional world, you, the reader, […]