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Lessons in life: 5 books about schooldays everyone should read

There’s a good reason school-stories have always done well: we can all relate, right? We might not have gone to boarding school like the Mallory Towers gals, or gotten our Hogwarts invitation like Hermione Granger, but the French class/homework/detention/Sports Day cycle is pretty much the same the world round. Children’s literature is dominated by it, […]

5 female Scottish writers you should be reading

We’re always on the lookout for new books and new voices, and we’re especially attuned to writing that veers from the straight-white-English-and-American-male demographic. So, assuming you’ve got similar interests, here’s a small selection of writers we’re digging that don’t quite fit that canonic mould – a handful of women who happen to be the some […]

Mind blown! 10 philosophy books guaranteed to make you think differently

Philosophy doesn’t have to be all Hegel and Frege, you know; like all disciplines, it might get finicky and complex for the layperson once you start scratching well below the crust, but above all else philosophy is about thinking deeply. And anyone can give that a shot, right? You gotta start someplace, and in with […]