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This week in dystopic theme parks: Banksy’s Dismaland exhibition

Here at Ink Tank we have the sneaking suspicion that many of our returning readers enjoy the works of graffiti legend Banksy. The mysterious UK artist has now taken on a curating role in “Dismaland”, an exhibition described as a “family theme park unsuitable for small children”. This generous, six-minute news segment from UK’s Channel 4 […]

6 modern movies that tell you all you need to know about Finland

Finnish cinema is a tough racket. Its scope is limited by the country’s minuscule market of 5.4 million inhabitants who speak an unusual language. Even big, mainstream movie productions rely on grants to be feasible. Unlike say, their Swedish colleagues, Finnish filmmakers don’t get a boost from a potential audience of neighbouring countries, who sort […]

Be a Flow pro: 10 ways to make sure your Flow Festival rocks

If there’s one Finnish festival everyone should check out it’s Helsinki’s Flow Festival (August 14-16 2015). Since it first kicked off in 2004, Flow has established itself as Finland’s premier event for eclectic music styles, usually booking many of the most fascinating alternative, indie, electronic, rap, hip hop and R’n’B acts from around the world. […]

Traveling salesman blues: Led Zeppelin singer makes cameo in UK indie comedy

If you don’t count a constantly evolving musical style, British singer and recording artist Robert Plant doesn’t do a lot of weird stuff in public. But he seems to make exceptions. The former Led Zeppelin singer is making a cameo appearance in a UK indie movie featuring a Doreen, a character originating from an off-color […]

Trippy “Mirror City” video turns US cities into kaleidoscopic feast

In his video “Mirror City Timelapse” photographer Michael Shainblum turns Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles into something not many of us have seen before. Shainblum relies on a palette of trippy kaleidoscopic patterns, colors and movement. The soothing video features a chillaxed track called ‘Butterfly’ from San Francisco based EDM artist […]

The 7-minute miracle: Meet the Japanese train cleaners who never run late

Journalist Charli James provides a behind-the-scenes peek at a crew of Japanese train cleaners who keep the Shinkansen bullet trains clean on a super tight schedule. Shown in this video is the procedure known as the “seven-minute miracle”. That’s how long cleaners from East Japan Railway Company’s service provider Tessei Co need to make a 1,323-seat long-distance […]

All you need to know about Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” on Saturday Night Live

In the US, republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been heating up the primary elections game with his unauthorized use of Neil Young’s 1989 rock anthem “Rockin in the Free World”. The irony in the Trump staff’s choice of music lies, of course, in the lyrics of Rockin’ In The Free World. The song is […]