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1995 video promo for internet cafe puts Finland on the hi-tech map

Recently, the online elite was amazed by a Finnish Internet Café video promo from 1995, which really should open our eyes for how quickly the world has changed. Back then, computers were clunky, fast internet connections were extremely expensive and there was no Wi-Fi. Since we can assume the charmingly corny video probably didn’t serve […]

This amazing Instagram photographer will teach you about Helsinki’s walls

Anyone who’s into Helsinki should take note of this Instagram profile, Helsinkifacades. The account has one goal: documenting the facades of Helsinki, in glorious detail. The idea isn’t new: the Ihaveathingforwalls Instagram is a must-see for any friends of architecture, but this hyper-localized account documents Helsinki, one wall at a time. We warmly recommend reading […]

18 reasons why you shouldn’t bother going to Helsinki’s Flow Festival

Often described in the international press as one of Europe’s best music festivals, you’d think Helsinki’s Flow would be a no-brainer to add your bucket list. However, before you rush to get your last minute ticket of the partially sold out event (August 12-14 this year), you should consider these 18 very important reasons to […]

Video: How Edward Snowden and The Yes Men trolled music fans at Roskilde Festival

The Danish Roskilde music festival recently got into a slight controversy over signs warning festival goers about a new policy: complete surveillance of all phone and internet traffic. But it turns out that the festival, which took place over the course of June 24 to July first this year, actually trolled its visitors, hard. With […]

Boris Johnson has offended at least 61 countries. Here’s how he did it.

Just when you thought British politics couldn’t possibly get any more farcical, the newly unelected Prime Minister, Theresa May announces the appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. While it was widely expected he’d get a role in cabinet, the smart money was on a ministerial position of little significance or power, such as Minster for Culture. […]

Video: cracking the 20-year-old Sega Saturn game console’s CD copy protection to save gaming history

Do you know what happens to vintage computers and video game systems, and all the games and documents stored on them? Well, because of the entropy inherent in our universe, hardware and software media deteriorate and is lost, sooner or later. Unless someone with a lot of patience comes along to figure out how it […]

We’re not done yet: LGBT rights in Finland aren’t perfect

For the entirety of last week, Helsinki was flooded with diverse expressions of sexuality and gender thanks to Helsinki Pride. Arranged annually by HeSeta and partners, Helsinki Pride is easily Finland’s largest event for sexual and gender minorities and takes place the week after Midsummer, with an attendance of tens of thousands. For an onlooker observing […]