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12 ways Finnish Christmas loneliness can eat you alive

Christmas, at least in Finland, is supposed to be a lot of things: family festivities to contrast almost constant darkness. Gifts, rituals, traditions, journeys to home towns. Everyone isn’t able to go with that flow. Not everyone wants it either. However, Finnish society shuts down around Christmas, whether you have people to be with or […]

Vintage Mercedes rides: Finnish man hacks taxi regulation, grows non-licensed, legal “Vintage Taxi” company

  One Finnish man got inspired by an interesting loophole in the very strict regulation of the Finnish taxi market. Succeeding where Uber is in legal trouble, Tero Takamaa from Jyväskylä decided to start driving cars with a museum status. But real story here is that he manages to do so without a Taxi permit.

The internet photoshopped Donald Trump onto the Queen and it’s scarily convincing

Known rapist and US President elect Donald Trump behaves like a caricature of a monarch from Game of Thrones. So, naturally, someone saw it fitting to deal with this ordeal placed upon us in the form of the “leader of the free world” by giving Mr. Trump the full royal treatment. The “royal treatment” is […]

Strange freedom: 6 weird Independence Day traditions from around the world

Independence. Isn’t that word sweet? Here in Finland, we celebrate independence for the 99th time in 2016, so we thought it would be fitting to compare independence day traditions in Finland to other countries. In our defence, as you read on, remember what the weather is like in Finland in early December.

My Summer Car: the insane, annoying and awesome Finnish car simulator that’s taking the world by storm

  Right now, one of the oddest computer games ever is hitting the charts straight from the early access program of Steam, the venerable online market place for PC games. We’re of course referring to My Summer Car, which has sold over 1.5 million euros worth of copies to this date. And the weirdfest part […]

Getting down with start-ups: 11 signs you’re taking Slush a bit too seriously

The way the Slush startup conference brings capital and mindshare to the Helsinki tech startup scene is well established and undisputable. As someone who works for Finnish tech companies, I have nothing but praise for how Slush mixes geeks with business people in different stages of their careers. If you’re into business, you should attend […]

Kippis! The strange history of Finland’s love affair with alcohol

  Finns have always had an unusual relationship with alcohol. As far back as the 18th century, the French enlightenment philosopher Montesquieu referred to Finns as heavy drinkers. Doubtlessly, this contributed to prohibition introduced by Sweden in 1756. Prohibition ended under Russian Imperial rule, but it was still against the law to make moonshine at […]

13 reasons why the Daily Mail is the world’s worst “newspaper”

To get a grasp of the UK’s garbage media landscape, an outsider need look no further than The Daily Mail. Founded in 1886, to quote was Britain’s first daily newspaper “aimed at the newly literate lower-middle class market resulting from mass education, combining a low retail price with plenty of competitions, prizes and promotional gimmicks”. […]

Crazy winter pastime: CNN reporter tries Finnish-style ice dipping, a super shortcut to a “runner’s high”

If you’re in some weird country with weird traditions, why not try them out? That must have been the idea of a CNN Sports anchor Christina Macfarlane…. or her producers. Macfarlene was shooting a couple of episodes of the popular show Alpine Edge at World Cup Levi last week, far north at a ski resort […]

Nordic exotica: 7 great books about Finland written by foreigners

Finland’s long been something of an exotic destination for adventurers, both those who arrive in person and those who voyage here via their imaginations. Focusing on the latter category, we’ve collected a shortlist of some the finest books you can read about Finland written from a non-Finnish perspective. This shortlist contains everything from Cold War […]