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Steamy sisu: How Finland’s incredible WWII soldiers built war zone saunas

  The official archives of the Finnish Defense Forces are home to thousands of photos taken during the Finnish WWII era. We’ve highlighted some particularly striking color photos of Finnish soldiers from their collection before, but this time, we thought we’d feature something that remains an icon of Finnish culture: the sauna.

How the Finnish epic Kalevala inspired an American secret society

Secret handshakes, arcane rituals, and covert political favors—mysterious secret societies operating in the shadows have intrigued people for centuries. Even today, there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories involving high-profile organizations such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati. But in the earlier days of the United States, secret societies were a practical way for groups of […]

China Swedes, Forest Finns and The Great Migration: How Finnish immigrants helped build America

Currently in Finland, like elsewhere in Europe, we’re hearing much about immigration and how challenging it is for new arrivals to integrate into society. Finns themselves, of course, have a long history of leaving Finland to live elsewhere. Sometimes, as refugees from war or famine, other times to simply try and make a better life […]