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Discover how one Finnish photographer makes the everyday look out of this world

  Miemo Penttinen is a man of many talents. As a freelance designer and startup entrepreneur, he has plenty of experience in bringing his creative ideas to life. But it’s his photography that initially caught our eye: sharp, symmetrical shots of architecture with clean, modern colors. Penttinen’s latest series Tau Zero [ Supersymmetry ] is sure to […]

A world-first interview with the creator of Finnish Nightmares, Finland’s funniest new cartoon series

Every country has its national stereotypes. Brits are overly polite and adore tea. Americans love burgers and guns. The Finns are no different. They have certain characteristics, which set them apart from other people. This, of course, means they also have certain dreams and certain nightmares. To showcase the later, one talented digital media pro […]

Lights, smartphone, action! 7 reasons why new filmmakers will love LUUP

Thanks to smartphones we now take more photos every two minutes, than the whole of humanity took in the entire 19th century. When you throw apps like Instagram into the mix, it’s safe to say there are more talented photographers sharing more amazing photos than ever before. Yet for mobile movies it’s a different story. […]

Artist creates an incredible 7393 piece LEGO mosaic of Hunter S. Thompson

The legendary creator of gonzo journalism, the highly subjective blend of fact with fiction, Hunter S. Thompson is without doubt one of America’s most notorious writers. The man behind Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, arguably the greatest drug-soaked, rollicking chronicle ever written, Hunter was a man who lived life to the max. Now in honour of his birthday […]

25 modern life goals everyone can achieve

Liza Minnelli famously sang that “life is a cabaret”. Well, according to an infographic published in Britain’s notoriously nasty newspaper, the Daily Mail, it’s also a journey of life goals to which we should all aspire. And, happily, the friendly loan company who commissioned the graphic will help us along the way. One man not […]