Must see: Assorted animated GIFs featuring car and train wrecks

Vintage Jaguar parking garage crash


This post is written in the early hours of November 9 2016. We can think of no particular reason to release this post now. Maybe we’re just into disasters and stuff. Or perhaps we have an academic interest in Accident Research and Analysis.

We can’t say for sure, but we surely have a newfound fondness for screeching tires and whatever sound airbags make. Can you even hear that detail in the soundscape during a car crash?

So many questions with no answers. So, let’s move on to the GIFs!


First, here’s a classic


Vintage Car Crash


This one is in color, and it will delight sports fans


Nascar Crash


Trains are important infrastructure


Express Train Truck Wreck


Don’t mess with truckers, though


Truck Station Eagon Car Crash Test


Keep your eyes peeled


LAFF Crash Sharp Nose Windshield


Station wagons with wood on them may crash due to hubris


Station Wagon Banana Peel


Just take your car to work


South End train wreck


No wait all the gas just exploded


South Park Gas Truck Explosion


Early prognosis


Blood death War Horror


I guess we can blame divine intervention here




In SUVs we trust


SUV highway crash


Feeling shaky?


Robocop Car Crash Goo Person


You can always take a relaxing bath


Police Cruiser Water Crash


Or take a walk in the woods to wind down


Pickup Truck Crash


If you’re a millennial you will be disappointed with this because it’s in black and white


Vintage train wreck bridge


Just smile and wave


Thomas The Tank Engine Trainwreck


You can relieve your shitty feelings with a shopping spree


It's always sunny in Philadelphia store car crash


Just don’t ruin your credit


Highway Car Crash


Gotta love these European cars


Citroen car crash


Will the trains run on time?


car crash at train crossing


There be dragons


pickup truck car slide dragon on the road


Deamons, even


Car with head beams




Car driving off a cliff


None of this is real


Lisa Simpson Car Crash cat not hurt




Rocket Car Crash


Happy 2016!


AT&T text and drive ad car crash


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  1. Been four years, somehow, were still here. But I’ve witnessed a derby crash like that and it will move to the main road. So watch your backs…

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