Arctic #nofilter: 15 Instagram snapshots that show why Lapland’s the crown jewel of the North

Aurea borealis over cottages in Lapland, Finland

Free pro tip: too much Instagram at bedtime will mess with your sleep. On the other hand, if you open Instagram first thing after your alarm rings in the morning, your phone’s screen will help you wake up. Put simply, Instagram can be a fantastic infusion of beauty into your day when you need it the most.

Still, you might need more… interesting things to follow than lunch pics and selfies from your undoubtedly cool friends. Our suggestion is that you look for fabulous communities of nature photographers. One such place is the Visit Lapland repost feed.

From snow-clad tundras and forests, Northern Lights and light pollution free night skies, here are some fabulous shots Lapland by out fellow instagramers. These dudes and dudettes certainly deserve a shoutout, so be sure to give their original posts the good old double tap if you enjoy their work. That helps Instagram suggest other photos you might like. A few ‘hearts’ would also help these guys get discovered by others.

For more fabulous pic(k)s, check out Visit Lapland on Instagram for a continuous selection of gorgeous Lapland photography.



1. laaksolaiva



2. riinakui

3. eetuleikas




4. wassaballa



5. thomaskast1

6. johannaturpeinen

7. valtteri.immonen

8. sampoki

9. anniedogi



10. sm_kangas


11. herowithn

12. jonnakilkki

13. oskarinranta



14. tundra.w

15. omicronceti


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  1. Why do my photos of Lappi never looks like this? Am I going to wrong place or am I not good enough at photoshop 🙂 🙂

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