This is what happens when an artist lives in a cave for 25 years

Ra Paulette 6

“Changing the world is a tall order. Art doesn’t attempt to force change through direct action but to catalyze it by affecting the emotional basis from which change can occur.”

The wise words above come from Ra Paulette, an artist who has not only been changing the landscapes of New Mexico, but hopes to spark social change as well. Ra Paulette uses an artistic medium that most would consider to be uncommon: sandstone caves. For the past 25 years, he has used hand tools to carve the interior of sandstone caves into spectacularly beautiful works of art, working in solitude with only his dog at his side. With 14 caves under his belt, he’s now working on what he says is his magnum opus—a cave that he hopes will someday be used to “create an experience that fosters spiritual renewal and personal well being.” Ra hopes that the sense of wonder that his art instills in people can help to make the world just a little bit better by inspiring people to have a deeper appreciation of life. Take a look at a few of his works below and get inspired.

Ra Paulette

Ra Paulette 2

Ra Paulette 3

Ra Paulette 4

Ra Paulette 5

Ra Paulette 6

Ra Paulette 7
Ra Paulette 8

Ra Paulette 9

Ra Paulette 10

We’re definitely digging Ra Paulette’s amazing dedication and creativity, but what about you? Let us know in the comments what you think, and be sure to check out his website for more information or check out the award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentary CaveDigger, which further explores the artist’s story.

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