A very British welcome: How the UK trolled Trump during his visit

Bottle-tanned wig wearing sociopath, Donald Trump is taking a break from offending minorities this week to make an official visit to the United Kingdom, much to the dismay of the British public.  

True to the spirit of their nation, the people of the UK are fighting against tyranny by using the most effective weapon known to man; subtle and hilarious British humour.

1 Low approval ratings written in stone

2 The Mayor of London probably won’t give Trump a key to the city

3 In-flight entertainment

4 Photoshop makes everything more fun

5 It’s all for you, Donald. It’s all for you

6 Birds of a feather flock together

7 Orange is the new white

8 Trump’s bodyguards may be trying to tell us something

9 You can’t win them all

10 If only this one was true!

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