Cool keittiö! 9 things we guarantee you’ll find in every Finnish kitchen

finnish buns

Finnish kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but if you look hard enough you’ll doubtless find a few common things in each. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see 9 things we guarantee you’ll find in every Finnish kitchen.

1. A dish-draining cupboard

These handy cupboards are a Finnish invention that make doing dishes quick and simple. Just wash your dishes, put them in the cupboard so they can dry, and any excess water drips into the sink. Genius!

2. Moomin mugs


Every Finnish household has at least one of these collectibles.

3. A plastic bag collection


Plastic bags aren’t free in Finland. Why would we throw them away? Better to stash them for later use.

4. A little coffee

Three or four bags should do it for the week.

5. Fiskars scissors

We bet they’re in the top drawer, too.

6. Cardamom for baking

Many delicious Finnish treats have cardamom in them.

7. A freezer full of wild berries


Hand-picked during the summer, of course.

8. Tons of things from Ikea


Utensils, pans, dish towels, and probably even the table are Ikea because it’s so cheap and easy.

9. … and one thing from Marimekko


Classic but pricey.

What did we leave out? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. A second generation Finn in Arizona with all those except tons of ikea things. Add a sauna to the list and Iitala candles holders and various dishes and marimekko fabrics!

  2. Something made by Arabia beside the Moomin cups. Also a cheese plane and a wooden butter spreader, usually of juniper or pine. May have been made by a cousin or uncle, otherwise souvenir from a market or domestic trip.

  3. And a carpet (matto)!
    I was surprised that many finns put those colorful carpets everywhere even in the kitchen!!

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